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  • Digital Middle East: State and Society in the Information Age 

    Zayani, Mohamed; Allagui, Ilhem; Šisler, Vít; Allen Peterson, Mark; Sreberny, Annabelle; Mirgani, Suzi; Zakaria, Norhayati; Anderson, Jon W.; Hussain, Muzammil M.; Khiabany, Gholam; Radcliffe, Damian; Weber, Ingmar (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2017-11-01)
    In recent years, the Middle East’s information and communication landscape has changed dramatically. Increasingly, states, businesses, and citizens are capitalising on the opportunities offered by new technologies, the ...
  • The Red Star and the Crescent 

    James, Reardon-Anderson; Scobell, Andrew; Alterman, Jon B.; Kamrava, Mehran; Sun, Degang; Atlı, Altay; Garver, John W.; Sassoon, Joseph; Blank, Stephen; Small, Andrew; Al-Sudairi, Mohammed Turki; Dorsey, James M. (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2017-11-01)
    The Red Star and the Crescent provides an in-depth and multi-disciplinary analysis of the evolving relationship between China and the Middle East. Despite its increasing importance, very few studies have examined this ...
  • Privacy and User Experience in 21st Century Library Discovery 

    Pekala, Shayna (Library & Information Technology Association, 2017-06)
    Over the last decade, libraries have taken advantage of emerging technologies to provide new discovery tools to help users find information and resources more efficiently. In the wake of this technological shift in discovery, ...
  • Building Relationships, Advancing Services: Piloting Open Conference Systems with the Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference 

    Pekala, Shayna; Rogan, Jane (ACRL, 2017)
    As the scholarly communication landscape evolves, libraries are continually extending their missions to include the dissemination and preservation of research through the development of library publishing services. While ...
  • Critical Issues in Healthcare Policy and Politics in the GCC 

    Mamtani, Ravinder; Lowenfels, Albert B.; Kronfol, Nabil M.; Markakis, Dionysis; Alameddine, Mohamad; Kik, Nour; Yassoub, Rami; Mourad, Yara; Ghuloum, Suhaila; Al-Amin, Hassen; Al-Adawi, Samir; Hajat, Cother; Cheema, Sohaila (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2017-11-01)
    The situation of the healthcare systems in the Gulf has become multi-tiered, primarily due to the lack of systematic population health need assessments, including short-term health solutions for low-skilled workers. Even ...

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