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dc.description.abstractAttendees at the briefing were invited to bring questions they had about current health care reform bills and other efforts and to pose them to the panel of experts. The panel covered such issues as comparing and contrasting the four major Congressional bills and defining their current legislative status. It also explored public opinion and whether that might change or remain the same? What the likelihood of the of the public option is and what the models are for the co-op alternative? What will the effect on employers be? Who will be eligible for subsidies? What reforms will occur in the delivery system? What are expected costs really going to be? The panel of experts included: Henry Aaron (The Brookings Institute); Joe Antos (American Enterprise Institute); Bob Berenson (The Urban Institute); Judy Feder (Georgetown University); Dennis Smith (The Heritage Foundation); Julie Rovner (National Public Radio); and Ed Howard (Alliance for Health Reform). This briefing was co-sponsored by the Alliance for Health Reform and Eli Lilly. The related website is at
dc.subjectPublic Opinionen
dc.subject.classificationHealth Careen
dc.titleAsk the Experts About Reform: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Headed? (2009)en
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