The Charles Guiteau Collection consists of correspondence, affidavits and printed material by and about Guiteau, the notorious attorney who assassinated U.S. President James Abram Garfield on July 2, 1881. The assassination resulted in one of the most celebrated American 'insanity trials' of the nineteenth century, which became something of a legal milestone in the judgement of the criminally insane. Over the decades, most authorities, including medical professionals, have agreed that Guiteau suffered from insanity. Charles E. Rosenberg, author of 'The Trial of the Assassin Guiteau - Psychiatry and Law in the Gilded Age' (1968), wrote of the case: 'Within a dozen years of Guiteau's execution, few interested physicians doubted that he had been insane, indeed chronically and obviously so. Those harshest in their judgment did not hesitate to call the trial a miscarriage of justice..."

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