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dc.contributorCohen-Derr, Erikaen
dc.contributorStowe, Alien
dc.identifier.other5.25.17: Inclusion and Exclusion in Student Spaces (11:00 AM).mp4en
dc.identifier.otherAPT-BAG:;APT-ETAG: f605f6eb4040b4595ab36a88c9e59581; APT-DATE: 2017-09-01_17:33:20en
dc.descriptionWhat is actually happening with exclusionary co-curricular experiences? Does this impact students' classroom experiences and learning outcomes? How do students make sense of this phenomenon? And what can be done about it? This round table discussion was structured to provide context for a conversation about student experiences with exclusionary structures at Georgetown, to consider the impact on academic success, and to explore the strategies to address this phenomenon.en
dc.rightsOnly accessible to Georgetown faculty, staff, and students. Please use your NetID to login. All rights reserved. Please contact to obtain information about the use of this video and digital objects.en
dc.subjectHigher Educationen
dc.titleMay 25, 2017: Inclusion and Exclusion in Student Spaces - TLISI 2017en

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