The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs was created within the Office of the President in 2006. The Center seeks a more just and peaceful world by deepening knowledge and solving problems at the intersection of religion and global affairs through research, teaching, and engaging multiple publics. Two premises guide the Center’s work: that a comprehensive examination of religion and norms is critical to address complex global challenges, and that the open engagement of religious and cultural traditions with one another can promote peace. To this end, the Center engages students, scholars, policymakers, and practitioners in analysis of and dialogue on critical issues in order to increase the public understanding of religion.

The below publications capture the research of Berkley Center faculty and the scope and depth of our many programs.

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  • The Education and Social Justice Project: International Summer Research Fellowships 2019 

    Unknown author (2020-02-11)
    This report reflects on the tenth year of the Education and Social Justice Project, which provided three Georgetown University students with fellowships, allowing them to travel to Ireland, Thailand, and Malawi to conduct ...
  • Student Programs 2018-2019 Annual Report 

    Unknown author (2020-01-24)
    One of the central goals of the Berkley Center is to engage students in order to prepare educated citizens able to address global challenges and contribute to research in the pursuit of peace. The center fosters student ...
  • Berkley Center Annual Report 2018-2019 

    Unknown author (2019-12-11)
    During the 2018-2019 academic year, a resurgence in far-right nationalism around the globe followed a continued rise in the number of displaced persons. The impact of escalating tensions between the United States and China ...
  • Faith and Development in Focus: Philippines 

    Unknown author (2019-10-01)
    The Philippines is a deeply religious society, and institutions and beliefs permeate social, economic, and political institutions. Religious actors are thus deeply engaged in development, from debates and ideas about ...
  • Faith and Development in Focus: Tanzania 

    Unknown author (2019-09-15)
    Religious forces have shaped nearly every aspect of Tanzanian society over the past centuries, spanning the precolonial era to the present. Today, the vast majority of Tanzanians identify as Christian or Muslim and, when ...

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