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  • Baptist Contributions to Religious Freedom: A Conversation with Rick Warren, Ken Starr, and Russell Moore 

    Unknown creator (2015-03-04)
    On March 4, 2015, the Religious Freedom Project, in partnership with Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion, hosted a conversation featuring three renowned American evangelical leaders from the Baptist ...
  • Junior Year Abroad Network Annual Report 2014-2015 

    Unknown creator (2015-09-23)
    The Berkley Center Junior Year Abroad Network (JYAN) connects Georgetown students studying abroad at universities around the world. During the ninth year of the Junior Year Abroad Network, Georgetown students studied in ...
  • Faith and Development in Focus: Bangladesh 

    Unknown creator (2015-10-01)
    In development circles, Bangladesh is renowned for its robust civil society including some of the world’s largest and best known NGOs. The considerable development work of religious actors, however, is much less well known, ...
  • International Religious Freedom: Event Summary 

    Unknown creator (2015-10-09)
    Several European countries, the European Union, and Canada have recently addressed religious freedom in their foreign policies. Given that United States policy is already shaped by the International Religious Freedom Act ...
  • Berkley Center Annual Report 2014-2015 

    Unknown creator (2015-10-26)
    As the Berkley Center enters its tenth year it has occasion to reflect back on what it has accomplished and forward on what is to come. This report outlines some of the major activities and accomplishments of the center’s ...

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