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  • Kenya’s Complex and Vibrant Religious Landscape: Features and Prospects 

    Marshall, Katherine (2017-08-31)
    Kenya’s vibrant and diverse religious communities and institutions are omnipresent throughout the country, playing complex roles in daily life. Deep involvement in health, education, and social protection are notable ...
  • Guatemala: Religion and Policy Intertwined 

    Marshall, Katherine (2017-08-21)
    Religious institutions and beliefs play especially significant roles for Guatemala’s people. These roles are unusually complex, intertwined with ethnic identities, social and economic divides, and Guatemala’s fraught ...
  • Policy Brief: Roles for Religious Institutions in Facing Guatemala’s Healthcare Crisis 

    O'Brien, Laura (2016-08-22)
    Following the 1996 Peace Accords aiming to end the devastating civil war, Guatemala and its partners promised to expand health coverage. Notably, they sought to address inequalities and serve rural and indigenous communities ...
  • Violence Against Women and Girls in Kenya: Roles of Religion 

    Corman, Crystal (2016-08-29)
    Despite significant progress for Kenyan women towards equal rights, widespread gender-based violence, of several sorts, is a serious and persistent problem. This brief examines the roles of religion in and engagement of ...
  • Policy Brief: The Religious Landscape of Senegal: An Overview 

    Herzog, Lauren (2016-05-20)
    Religious communities and institutions have wide influence in Senegal, playing complex and dynamic roles in many sectors, notably education, agricultural production, and family health. There are, however, significant gaps ...

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