Three of the first women to attend the Law Center: Ann Schafer (L'55), Ruth Paven (L'53) and Ellen Sullivan (L'54)

For over twenty years Professors Richard H. Chused and Wendy Webster Williams taught a seminar in Gender and American Legal History at Georgetown University Law Center. Their students produced a wealth of scholarly work that the Law Center is proud to make available for use by other scholars.

The hundreds of papers in this program cover a large array of subject in the legal history of gender from the founding days of the Republic through the 1970s. Though both Professors Chused and Williams are no longer teaching at Georgetown, the site will continue to grow as copyright permissions to duplicate them are obtained from students they taught.

Copies of unpublished papers in this collection will be made available to any faculty member of a college or university, or to teaching professionals at other educational institutions interested in the legal history of gender in America. They are not available for use by the general public. To obtain a copy of any unpublished paper, please follow the instructions given below. A number of papers in this collection have also been published. The citations for the published works we know about may be found in the Published Papers Index, as well as in the Author and Subject Indices.

To obtain a copy of an unpublished paper listed on this site, please send a letter via snail mail to Hannah Miller-Kim at the address displayed below. The letter should be on the letterhead of a college, university or other educational institution and signed by a member of the faculty or a teaching professional. Papers may be used by a student researching for a paper, provided that the request for a copy is generated by a faculty member or teaching professional rather than by the student. Please make sure the letter contains the author, title and year of the requested paper. Also include an email address in the letter. Receipt of requests for copies of papers will be acknowledged only by email. If you have any questions, please send an email to Hannah Miller-Kim.

Announcement in the Georgetown Law School yearly catalog, The Bulletin, 1950-1951

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Acknowledgements: The Law Center extends its thanks to Ms. Yvone M. Krywyj, Class of 2002, and Charles Boocock, Class of 2003 for devoting many hours of work preparing the initial round of paper summaries for this site.

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