Following the 9/11 attacks, Project Rebirth began filming nine people: a construction worker who lost his fire-fighter brother; an FDNY fire-fighter who survived the collapse of the towers; an NYPD police officer who sorted and recovered remains at the Fresh Kills Landfill; a women who lost her fire-fighter fiancée; a high school student who lost his mother; a Chinese immigrant who survived with severe burns; a widower who lost his husband; a Muslim-American teacher whose son was a National Guardsman that served at Ground Zero; and a Veteran and retired train conductor who volunteered at the WTC site and went on to assist survivors of Hurricane Katrina. The journeys portrayed in Project Rebirth's films are a unique record of the strength of the human spirit coping with disaster.

Since even before the completion of the Rebirth documentary, Educators and Community Leaders, Military and Veterans, and First Responders began showing these stories of resilience in settings ranging from middle school classrooms to post-graduate study sessions, behavioral health training for the emergency services and the military, and at gatherings to mark each anniversary of 9/11. Audiences have also viewed them in communities working to recover from major traumas ranging from Superstorm Sandy to the Fukushima disaster in coastal Japan. This collection includes viewing guides, prompts, and discussion questions that help to frame the documentary film Rebirth and the short films for specific audiences and educational purposes.

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