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dc.contributorLinkon, Sherry
dc.contributorElmendorf, Heidi
dc.contributorKing, Laurie
dc.contributorMaloof, Mark
dc.contributorTilan, Jason
dc.descriptionGeorgetown's Integrated Writing requirement was implemented as part of the Core Curriculum in 2014. The IW requirement invited faculty in every field to articulate what their students should learn about writing and to specify how their programs help students develop as writers. Programs responded in a variety of ways, from adding brief notes to their websites describing their existing ideas about and approaches to writing to developing whole new courses or resources. Five years in, now is a good time to review and reflect on how the requirement is working for both faculty and students. In this session, faculty who have helped to implement IW in their programs will reflect on what the requirement has meant for their students and their programs, including opportunities, challenges, and obstacles. How has adding writing to the goals for the major affected faculty work and students' experiences? What practices or conditions on campus or within their programs have helped? What difficulties have they encountered?
dc.rightsOnly accessible to Georgetown faculty, staff, and students. Please use your NetID to login. All rights reserved.
dc.subjectCross-Institutional and Cross-Departmental Collaborations
dc.subjectHigher Education
dc.subjectEffective Teaching and Learning Practices
dc.titleTLISI 2019: Integrating Writing in the Major

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