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dc.contributorKralovec, Jamie
dc.contributorOtter, Kelly
dc.contributorRay, Shenita
dc.descriptionIn its Mission Examen self-study report, Georgetown committed to "implement the principles of Ignatian pedagogy across our curriculum and co-curriculum" while attending to "diverse contexts and the specific needs of students in the spirit of Cura personalis." How to accomplish this goal? What is the best starting point for a conversation about Ignatian pedagogy? The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate how personal narratives of Ignatian education and formation effectively promote Ignatian pedagogy in the development of faculty, staff, and students. More than concepts to be memorized, Ignatian pedagogy comes alive when teachers model their own personal transformation in the transmission of Ignatian teaching principles. In this 60-minute workshop, academic and administrative leaders responsible for Ignatian pedagogy at the School of Continuing Studies present personal perspectives on teaching and leading the organization from their own deep personal engagement with Ignatian themes. Ideal audience for this session are faculty and administrators from across Georgetown who will take away: Appreciation of Ignatian pedagogy's humanistic emphasis; Understanding of practical starting points for initiating conversations about Ignatian pedagogy; Insight into the various ways that members of the Georgetown faculty and staff can deepen in their personal formation in Ignatian principles.
dc.rightsOnly accessible to Georgetown faculty, staff, and students. Please use your NetID to login. All rights reserved.
dc.subjectIgnatian Pedagogy
dc.subjectHigher Education
dc.titleTLISI 2019: Putting the Personal into the Pedagogical: Sharing Ignatian Pedagogy with Faculty, Staff, and Students through Personal Narrative

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