This collection contains volumes detailing the business affairs of Georgetown College in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. Included are ledgers, journals, day books, cash books, and expense books.

As the College managed the money brought by or sent to individual students for much of this time, the run of ledgers in this collection (denoted by the I.A.1 designation) provide detailed information about the expenses of an education at Georgetown, documenting not only tuition and room and board expenses but also charges for items such as required text books, haircuts, etc. Other volumes document the College's expenses for food, clothing, household items, and services.

Entries scattered throughout pre-1863 volumes document the participation of the College in slavery and record expenses for slave provisions such as clothing and medicine, and wages paid for the employment of enslaved laborers and servants hired out by their owners.

The Georgetown College Financial Records comprise over 200 volumes, all of which will be digitized and added to this collection over time.

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