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dc.contributorMcGowan, Susannah
dc.contributorBass, Randy
dc.contributorNjaka, Ijeoma
dc.contributorAmster, Randall
dc.contributorGrant, Patricia
dc.contributorO'Leary, Michael
dc.contributorPatterson, Robert
dc.contributorAnderson, Maria
dc.contributorSo, Christine
dc.descriptionIn the past year, efforts to embed racial justice, equity, and a focus on structural, systemic oppression in our curriculum were heightened due to the Black Lives Matter movement, the Presidential election, January 6, voting rights suppression, and global climate change crises. This shortlist of relevant challenges constitute what we're trying to understand, situate, and speak to in our classrooms. Many university-wide efforts and initiatives of the past year attempted to highlight the need for a more culturally relevant set of structures and practices for our students, staff, and our teaching community. In this panel, we will hear from colleagues engaged in these racial justice efforts of the past year and we will hear their hopes for the academic year ahead.
dc.rightsOnly accessible to Georgetown faculty, staff, and students. Please use your NetID to login. All rights reserved. Please contact to obtain information about the use of this video and digital objects.
dc.subjectInclusive Pedagogies
dc.subjectHigher Education
dc.titleTLISI 2021: Racial Justice in the Curriculum: Promise & Potential for Transformation

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