The Kennedy Institute of Ethics' 50th Anniversary Symposium, "A New Era of Bioethics At Georgetown," was held in June 2021. It was held in collaboration with the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics, which celebrated its 30th anniversary. Themes of the symposium included: bioethics at Georgetown, bioethical theory, clinical ethics, contemporary/future issues in bioethics, and the ethics of pandemics.

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  • Data and Digital Ethics 

    Little, Margaret Olivia (2021)
    Novel data and new data analytics, including machine learning, are transforming society, including in clinical and public health. These advances hold potential for both promise and peril. This presentation will outline ...
  • A Nonideal Theory of Sexual Consent 

    Kukla, Quill R. (2021)
    This paper explores how and when consent to sex can be possible for people whose decisional autonomy is compromised, such as people with moderate dementia and people in unequal power relationships. It argues that the ...
  • Moral Distress and Entangled Experience 

    Vittone, Sarah (2021)
    Moral Distress is a core topic in clinical ethics. Ethicists are called to move past the challenges of ethical dilemmas to address the personal, social and organizational constraints that influence individual and professional ...
  • A Review on Clinical Ethics Committees and Clinical Ethics Consultation 

    Sotomayor, Claudia R. (2021)
    Hospital Ethics Committees (HECs) are developing a stronger presence of clinical ethics in the hospital through more proactive and efficient clinical consultation services.
  • Environmental Justice 

    Giraud, Gaël (2021)
    I share a couple of ideas about the collaborative work that we could do, at the Emergent Ethics Network, working hand in hand with the Kennedy Institute. First, I would favour a problem-based approach, dealing with concrete ...

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