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    • Data and Digital Ethics 

      Little, Margaret Olivia (2021)
      Novel data and new data analytics, including machine learning, are transforming society, including in clinical and public health. These advances hold potential for both promise and peril. This presentation will outline ...
    • Desmond Tutu, George Carey and Euthanasia 

      Keown, John (2021)
      This presentation outlines and evaluates the arguments of former Archbishops Desmond Tutu and George Carey in favor of legalizing voluntary euthanasia.
    • Dignity and Bioethics 

      Sulmasy, Daniel P., 1956- (2021)
      Dr. Sulmasy will distinguish three uses of the word "dignity" (attributive, intrinsic, and inflorescent) and will discuss their history, meaning, interrelatedness, and relevance to bioethics.
    • Disability, Health, and the Aims of Medicine 

      Aas, Sean (2021)
      People with disabilities can be healthy, even perfectly healthy. What does this teach us about health, and about health promotion as an aim of medicine and public health policy? In this talk, I explore how insights from ...
    • Discontinuing Life Support - What to Stop and When to Stop It 

      Roberts, Allen H. (2021)
      In this lecture, we will consider the ethical principles and practical aspects of withdrawing life-sustaining treatments in cases of critically ill patients for whom such interventions are realized to have no benefit. The ...
    • Environmental Justice 

      Giraud, Gaël (2021)
      I share a couple of ideas about the collaborative work that we could do, at the Emergent Ethics Network, working hand in hand with the Kennedy Institute. First, I would favour a problem-based approach, dealing with concrete ...
    • Ethics Lab 

      Little, Margaret Olivia (2021)
    • Kennedy Institute of Ethics: Past, Present, & Future 

      Sulmasy, Daniel P., 1956- (2021)
      The new Director will give a brief presentation on the history of the KIE, its present programs and projects, and its exciting future.
    • Moral Distress and Entangled Experience 

      Vittone, Sarah (2021)
      Moral Distress is a core topic in clinical ethics. Ethicists are called to move past the challenges of ethical dilemmas to address the personal, social and organizational constraints that influence individual and professional ...
    • Professionalism Revisited 

      Sheehan, Myles N. (2021)
      This presentation will review the concept of medicine as a profession with a focus on its moral commitments. Although some hold professionalism can be a source of maintains power and prestige, an authentic view of medicine ...
    • The Ethics of Pandemics: An Expert, Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion 

      Sulmasy, Daniel P., 1956- (2021)
      Pandethics: An Expert Panel on Ethical Issues in the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • The Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics 

      Sheehan, Myles N. (2021)
    • The Visiting Researcher Program and Bioethics Education 

      Bishop, Laura J. (2021)
      Laura Bishop speaks about the KIE's Visiting Researcher program that began when the Institute was founded and continues to the present day. She also mentions the KIE's work in education at the graduate, professional, and ...
    • Theoretical Medicine & Bioethics 

      Sulmasy, Daniel P., 1956- (2021)
      The Editor-in-Chief of Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, who is the Director and a Senior Research Scholar at the KIE, will give an overview of this journal - its history, aims and scope, and its place within the field ...
    • Virtue Ethics and the Skill of Good Judgment 

      Stohr, Karen (2021)
      This presentation is an overview of Aristotelian virtue ethics, with a particular emphasis on the virtue of practical wisdom. We will cover what it means to have practical wisdom, why it makes sense to think of it as a ...

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