• Dignity and Bioethics 

      Sulmasy, Daniel P., 1956- (2021)
      Dr. Sulmasy will distinguish three uses of the word "dignity" (attributive, intrinsic, and inflorescent) and will discuss their history, meaning, interrelatedness, and relevance to bioethics.
    • Kennedy Institute of Ethics: Past, Present, & Future 

      Sulmasy, Daniel P., 1956- (2021)
      The new Director will give a brief presentation on the history of the KIE, its present programs and projects, and its exciting future.
    • The Ethics of Pandemics: An Expert, Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion 

      Sulmasy, Daniel P., 1956- (2021)
      Pandethics: An Expert Panel on Ethical Issues in the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Theoretical Medicine & Bioethics 

      Sulmasy, Daniel P., 1956- (2021)
      The Editor-in-Chief of Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, who is the Director and a Senior Research Scholar at the KIE, will give an overview of this journal - its history, aims and scope, and its place within the field ...

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