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    • The Ethics of Pandemics: An Expert, Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion 

      Sulmasy, Daniel P., 1956- (2021)
      Pandethics: An Expert Panel on Ethical Issues in the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Disability, Health, and the Aims of Medicine 

      Aas, Sean (2021)
      People with disabilities can be healthy, even perfectly healthy. What does this teach us about health, and about health promotion as an aim of medicine and public health policy? In this talk, I explore how insights from ...
    • Bold New Neuroscience; Brave New Neuroethics? 

      Giordano, James J. (2021)
      Prof. James Giordano provides insight to newly emerging tools and techniques of the brain sciences, and discusses the ethical issues they generate - and possible methods of addressing and resolving these questions and ...
    • Discontinuing Life Support - What to Stop and When to Stop It 

      Roberts, Allen H. (2021)
      In this lecture, we will consider the ethical principles and practical aspects of withdrawing life-sustaining treatments in cases of critically ill patients for whom such interventions are realized to have no benefit. The ...
    • Theoretical Medicine & Bioethics 

      Sulmasy, Daniel P., 1956- (2021)
      The Editor-in-Chief of Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, who is the Director and a Senior Research Scholar at the KIE, will give an overview of this journal - its history, aims and scope, and its place within the field ...

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