Subseries 3.1, Minutes and Proceedings, contains the records of meetings held by the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen (CRCC), and dates from 1793 to 1956. Materials record decisions about the transfer of assets, the election of Board members, and changes in by-laws. These records also document actual and potential sales of enslaved people held by the Province. Between 1793 and 1820, the CRCC continually deliberated the need to reduce the number of enslaved laborers on the Province’s plantations, resolving in 1813-1814 to sell the majority of enslaved individuals, repealing this decision in 1820, and then resolving again in 1833 to sell “superfluous slaves” to pay debts. These discussions focused on several possibilities, including the sale of enslaved people from Bohemia, Deer Creek, and White Marsh, and the manumission of large numbers of enslaved people throughout the Province’s plantations. The CRCC also issued a reprimand of the Superior at White Marsh for selling enslaved individuals independent of the CRCC.

Some materials in this subseries contain references to slavery, slaveholding, and enslaved individuals. Some materials in this subseries address the Province's 1838 sale of 272 enslaved individuals. Relevant folders are noted in the finding aid.

NOTE: Most materials dated 1900 and later have not been digitized. Materials dating 1900-1939 are available for research use at the Booth Family Center for Special Collections. All materials dated 1940 and later are restricted.

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