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dc.contributorMilarcik, Betsy
dc.contributorKlein, Brittney
dc.descriptionIn this workshop, we'll go over methods for effectively presenting material for students with various disabilities and different learning styles. This session will explain frequent accessibility missteps that occur both in the classroom and in student affairs programming, as well as how materials and presentations can be adjusted to meet accessibility standards. Participants will have the opportunity to analyze lesson plans, presentations, or general student-focused materials through an accessibility lens and to reimagine them so that they best meet the needs of their students. Participants should bring their laptop and material(s) (e.g. a syllabus, lesson plan, student programming) that they would like to workshop and update to meet accessibility standards.
dc.rightsOnly accessible to Georgetown faculty, staff, and students. Please use your NetID to login. All rights reserved. Please contact to obtain information about the use of this video and digital objects.
dc.subjectHigher Education
dc.titleTLISI 2022: Meeting Students Where They Are: Materials Accessibility Workshop

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