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dc.contributorNadelson, Sandie
dc.contributorNadelson, Louis
dc.descriptionMaking space for learning has challenges for both online and on-ground course educators. Many online faculty members feel limited by a lack of meaningful interactions with students. Teaching “soft skills,” such as leadership, teamwork, and communication, becomes more difficult online due to having fewer close, meaningful exchanges with their students. However, educators can create space for learning these skills online using simulation applications. Simulation activities are growing and being incorporated in education and industry to improve individuals' abilities to function well in many areas of life. Even though students can benefit, faculty can feel that getting started with simulation is intimidating and do not initiate using simulation in their courses. It is true that many simulation applications require expensive mechanical equipment and specialized individuals to operate them. However, not all simulation experiences are overwhelming in terms of costs and time commitment to implement. Our presentation will focus on using inexpensive or cost-free simulation methods to enhance learning and quality in student education. Participants will be provided with information on how to access and use multiple other simulation-based resources to use with their students The presentation will include an overview of some simple simulation applications such as unfolding case studies, web-based free videos, and a free program called TeacherMoments to enhance learning and quality of education. We will present how our team of educators is helping students improve their soft skills through using TeacherMoments and other simulations. We will demonstrate how we use TeacherMoments in an undergraduate nursing leadership course. This free online program allows students to watch a scenario and respond in their own words to questions posed to them. The verbal student responses are immediately converted into text. The text and audio files are available to faculty members for future evaluation. We have enjoyed using TeacherMoments with our students. Feedback from students is positive, and we continue to use TeacherMoments and hope more faculty will want to use this method of instruction and other simulations to help their students. We are looking forward to an interactive presentation. We hope you will join us as we explore the use of simulation in student learning.
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dc.subjectHigher Education
dc.titleTLISI 2022: Opening Spaces by Using Simulation to Enhance Student Soft Skills

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