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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitation[Seoul, South Korea]: Asian Bioethics Association, The Korean Bioethics Association, The Korean Society for Medical Ethics Education [and] The Korean Association of Institutional Review Boards, 2002. 467 p.en
dc.description.tableOfContentsA. Ethics of medical research -- Informed consent in medical research involving human subjects -- Human subject research - ethical and legal approaches for compensation for research induced injury in Taiwan -- Current status of the institutional review boards in Korea: constitution, operation and policy for protection of research participants -- Research ethics committees in Turkey -- Ethical challenges of conducting the Hap Map Genetics project in Japan -- B. Stem cell research -- Chinese ethical views on embryo stem (ES) cell research -- Dispute over scientific research involving human embryos in South Korea -- Importance and ethical disputes of stem cell research of human embryo -- Germ-line gene therapy from the lens of Confucian ethics -- Stem cells and the ethics of indefinitely prolonged lives. -- C. Birth, death and dying -- Is the 'pre-embryo' not equivalent to a human being? -- Ethical considerations on the end of life issues in Turkey -- Attitude towards life and death of seniors in Taiwan -- Suicide as a natural death -- Bad living than good death? A cultural analysis of family paternalism in death and Dying in Taiwan -- Ethical issues identified in intensive care units of a university hospital -- Should euthanasia be legalized in Japan? The importance of the attitude towards life -- D. Organ transplantation and selling -- Compensating organ donors: why commercialisation and exploitation are not good arguments -- Can the "Japan organ transplantation law" promote organ procurement from the brain dead? -- Human tissue transplants: gift or commodity -- Is cross-species infection morally irrelevant in xenotransplantation? -- E. Ethical issues in biotechnology -- Shopping at the genetic supermarket. -- Ethics of genetic life design -- Reflections on the human dignity in genetics. -- Gene-enhanced animals and high-efficiency humanoid robots: changing the notion of "human" and "us" -- Japanese views of medical biotechnology -- Developing countries participation in the global governance of biotechnology -- F. Bioethics and Asian cultures -- Asian bioethics in global society -- East Asian family and biomedical ethics -- The alleged Asian values and their implications for bioethics -- G. Bioethics education -- Ethics education in medical schools in Korea -- The purposes of bioethics education: lessons from Japan and Asia -- Comparison of medical ethics education between China and the United States. -- Relationship between nurse administrator's moral self concept and ethical sensitivity. -- On-line medical ethics education for university hospital interns -- H. Asian medical ethics. -- Family: another dinosaur? The market driven technological fix: is there a place for family? -- Autonomy and care: a Chinese approach to the art of informed consent -- Implications of Japanese religious views toward life and death in medicine -- Professional medical ethics in Korean context: towards a moral contract -- New thoughts about the construction of medical ethics under the circumstances of socialist market economy -- Bioethics and AIDS in Thailand -- I. Environmental ethics -- Apology for environmental anthropocentrism -- The ethics and attitudes towards ecotourism in the Philippines -- Environmental ethics in the culture of Meeteis from North East India -- Anthropocentric, ecocentric, and biocentric views among students in Japan -- Ethosphere and cosmosphere: two new concepts for world bioethics, and their application to the Asian segment. - - J. Prenatal diagnosis -- Bioethical issues in prenatal sex selection in Japan -- Prenatal testing and disability: the need for a participatory approach to research -- K. Law and policies - - Steering in the tides: national bioethics committee as an institutional solution to bio-politics? -- Ethics, law and morality -- L. Ethical issues in human reproduction -- Ethical dilemmas in genetics and reproductive decisions from the views of Chinese people -- Third party involvement in the reproductive process: comparative aspects of the legal and ethical approaches to surrogacy -- Two master arguments in the ethics of human cloning: the procreative right of couples vs. autonomy of the future clones -- Poster presentations -- Stem cell research and development in Singapore: commercial promises v. ethical -- considerations. -- Natural and unnatural--an application of Taoist thought to bioethics -- Futile treatment of late malignant tumor.en
dc.subject.classificationBioethics Educationen
dc.subject.classificationValue / Quality of Lifeen
dc.subject.classificationReproduction / Reproductive Technologiesen
dc.subject.classificationGenetics, Molecular Biology and Microbiologyen
dc.subject.classificationGenetic Counseling / Prenatal Diagnosisen
dc.subject.classificationGene Therapy / Gene Transferen
dc.subject.classificationEnvironmental Qualityen
dc.subject.classificationHuman Experimentationen
dc.subject.classificationDonation / Procurement of Organs and Tissuesen
dc.subject.classificationSuicide / Assisted Suicideen
dc.subject.classificationCultural Pluralismen
dc.subject.classificationAttitudes Toward Deathen
dc.subject.classificationProlongation of Life and Euthanasiaen
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