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  • Social Currents in North Africa 

    Abi-Mershed, Osama; Cavatorta, Francesco; Merone, Fabio; René Larémont, Ricardo; Buehler, Matt; Silverstein, Paul A.; Boutieri, Charis; Ould Ahmed Salem, Zekeria; Wilson, Alice; Gana, Nouri; Boum, Aomar (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2018-01-10)
    Social Currents in North Africa is a multi-disciplinary analysis of the social phenomena unfolding in the Maghreb today. The contributors analyse the genealogies of contemporary North African behavioral and ideological ...
  • Bolsa Família: Tackling Poverty while Promoting Women’s Empowerment in Brazil 

    Fantoni Custódio, Sabrina (Georgetown University, 2017)
    This paper aims to explore how the largest Conditional Cash Transfer (CCTs) Program in the world, Brazil’s Bolsa Família, has been tackling poverty while allowing women’s empowerment across the country. Although Bolsa ...
  • The Democratic Pressure: New Constraints on Japan's Military Buildup in the 21st Century 

    Koshino, Yuka Christine (Georgetown University, 2017)
    Why has the Abe administration maintained its defense spending at 1 percent of its GDP despite the deteriorating regional security environment, conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s willingness to play an active role ...
  • The Consequences of Confucius Institutes: Understanding the Opposition 

    Switzer, Andrew (Georgetown University, 2018)
    Confucius Institutes (CIs) are Chinese public educational organizations that promote Chinese language and culture around the world. The Chinese government has invested over $1 billion in establishing 500 of these CIs in ...
  • Dynamic Institutionalization: The Foundations of Japan's Radioactive Problem 

    Kodama, Hayate Nicholas (Georgetown University, 2018)
    This thesis examines Japan’s policies of implementing a closed nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear hedging. Many scholars have argued that Japan specifically pursues closed fuel cycle development in order to maintain the ...

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