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  • The State of Middle Eastern Youth 

    Hassan, Islam; Dyer, Paul (Wiley Blackwell, 2017-01)
    This special issue of The Muslim World studies the state of Middle Eastern youth, focusing on the ways in which their experiences continue to shape their worldviews and their priorities. The contribution of this special ...
  • Assessing the Soviet Oil Economy 

    Keaton, Charles Grant (Georgetown University, 2016)
    This research evaluates the methodologies used by four leading macroeconomic models—SOVMOD, SOVSIM, the RAND model, and the Decision Sciences Application model—to study the Soviet oil economy, a key yet opaque sector of ...
  • Geopolitical Transformation and Nostalgia: Literary Return Visits to Former East Prussian Homes 

    O'Dea, Meghan Elisabeth (Georgetown University, 2016)
    This dissertation examines literary return narratives by German expellees and their descendants revisiting former familial homes located in the historical East Prussian region (contemporary northern Poland and Kaliningrad, ...
  • CIRS Newsletter | Fall 2016 | No. 21 

    The Center for International and Regional Studies, CIRS (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2016)
  • بوابات إلى العالم: مدن الموانئ في الخليج 

    Kamrava, Mehran; Keshavarzian, Arang; Ramos, Stephen; Kanna, Ahmed; Salama, Ashraf M.; Wiedmann, Florian; Gharib, Remah; Tok, M. Evren; Zebian, Mohammad; Alaedini, Pooya; Javaheripour, Mehrdad; Bontenbal, Marike (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2016)
    بدءاً من اكتشاف النفط حتى يومنا هذا، عملت قوى العولمة الاقتصادية والهجرة، والتصورات الوطنية بخصوص المواطنة، والهياكل السياسية والاقتصادية المختلفة، وبشكل جماعيّ، على تعزيز سياسات التخطيط والتنمية العمرانية. وفي حين كانت ...

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