The Roosevelt Civil War Envelopes Collection contains 370 envelopes illustrated with American Civil war themes. Bound together in one album, the envelopes often depict the American flag, patriotic slogans, and satirical portrayals. Representations include Lady Liberty, Abraham Lincoln, Winfield Scott, and Elmer E. Ellsworth, to name a few. Also, slavery is addressed in some of the envelopes. Moreover, references to the American Revolution are presented. While most of the envelopes focus on Northern people and perspectives, there are some Southern images, focusing mainly on Jefferson Davis. Taken together, these envelopes document the role of patriotism in the Civil War.

On several of the envelopes, the name of W. C. Ireland is listed as the designer. The collection was donated to Georgetown University Library by American intelligence officer Archibald B. Roosevelt, Jr. (1918-1990), who was a grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt.

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