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  • Georgetown Education Outreach Initiatives:An Assessment of Staff and Student Education Outreach Programs 

    Rodriguez, Annie (2008-08-18)
    Georgetown University’s education outreach programs lack a formal communication network or central repository of information. This deficit makes it difficult for programs to coordinate their activities, and for the ...
  • The Carver Terrace Community Building Project: Resident Attitudes towards Homeownership 

    Beckford, DeAnn (2006-04-27)
    The Carver Terrace housing development, located in Northeast Washington D.C., was recently purchased and renovated by the Telesis Corporation as part of a fifteen year plan designed to give residents the opportunity to buy ...
  • Carver Terrace 

    Murphy, Mary (2006-01-31)
    During the 2005-2006 academic year, members of a research team at Georgetown University (GRT) volunteered in a community development project at Carver Terrace. Carver Terrace is a low-income housing community located in ...
  • Affordable housing in the district of columbia 

    Lancaster, Ashley (2006-04-10)
    The development of affordable housing is a nation-wide problem, and should undoubtedly be made a priority across the states. A strong indicator of this affordable housing crisis is income level. Roughly 33,899,812 people ...
  • HIV Positive Women and Political Advocacy 

    Lippitt, Margaret (2008-05-30)
    There is a growing epidemic of HIV/AIDS among women in the U.S., making women the new “face” of this disease. Women with HIV/AIDS face unique social and biological risk factors, as well as unique challenges, since women ...

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