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  • Assessing national student partnership 

    Cloke, Annie; Cloke, Annie (2006-04-27)
    This paper reflects research conducted while working with National Student Partnerships (NSP), to reestablish their satellite office at the Virginia Williams Family Resource Center for the homeless (VWFRC). NSP’s goal is ...
  • The Carver Terrace Community Building Project: Resident Attitudes towards Homeownership 

    Beckford, DeAnn (2006-04-27)
    The Carver Terrace housing development, located in Northeast Washington D.C., was recently purchased and renovated by the Telesis Corporation as part of a fifteen year plan designed to give residents the opportunity to buy ...
  • Meeting the Needs of Latino Undocumented Immigrant Children in Washington, DC 

    O’Brien, Annie (2006-04-27)
    This research project, conducted in collaboration with the National Center for Refugees and Immigrant Children (NCRIC), seeks to better understand and meet the needs of undocumented and unaccompanied children in the ...
  • HIV Positive Women and Political Advocacy 

    Lippitt, Margaret; Lippitt, Margaret (2008-05-30)
    There is a growing epidemic of HIV/AIDS among women in the U.S., making women the new “face” of this disease. Women with HIV/AIDS face unique social and biological risk factors, as well as unique challenges, since women ...
  • Carver Terrace 

    Murphy, Mary; Murphy, Mary (2006-01-31)
    During the 2005-2006 academic year, members of a research team at Georgetown University (GRT) volunteered in a community development project at Carver Terrace. Carver Terrace is a low-income housing community located in ...

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