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  • Association Theory: An Aristotelian Defense of Claim-Rights 

    Shannon, Gordon R. (Georgetown University, 2017)
    This thesis addresses the following question: Can, and should, Aristotelian normative theory account for claim-rights? In response, I argue that yes, Aristotelian normative theory can account for claim-rights to a degree, ...
  • Microaggressions and Moral Responsibility 

    Liebow, Nabina Kari (Georgetown University, 2017)
    In this dissertation I answer three central questions: What are microaggressions? In what ways are they morally significant? What should our responsibility-holding and responsibility-taking practices be regarding microaggressive ...
  • Global Climate Justice and Individual Duties 

    Hickey, Colin (Georgetown University, 2017)
    In this dissertation I develop an account of the morality of climate change. As a moral problem that is a function of the aggregation of many seemingly innocuous individual actions, climate change is in significant tension ...
  • The Phenomenology of Moods: Time, Place, and Normative Grip 

    Gallegos, Francisco Travis (Georgetown University, 2017)
    Moods are powerful forces in our lives. When we enter into a mood—such as an anxious, irritable, depressed, bored, tranquil, or cheerful mood—we often find ourselves thinking, feeling, and acting in ways that are out of ...
  • Exclusionary Speech and Constructions of Community 

    Herbert, Cassie (Georgetown University, 2017)
    This project explores the complex ways language, social power, and identity entwine to structure social interactions and the contours of community boundaries. How an audience takes up discursive moves can constitute who ...

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