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  • The Phenomenology of Moods: Time, Place, and Normative Grip 

    Gallegos, Francisco Travis (Georgetown University, 2017)
    Moods are powerful forces in our lives. When we enter into a mood—such as an anxious, irritable, depressed, bored, tranquil, or cheerful mood—we often find ourselves thinking, feeling, and acting in ways that are out of ...
  • Exclusionary Speech and Constructions of Community 

    Herbert, Cassie (Georgetown University, 2017)
    This project explores the complex ways language, social power, and identity entwine to structure social interactions and the contours of community boundaries. How an audience takes up discursive moves can constitute who ...
  • What We Owe to Those We Make: A Causalist Account of Procreators' Parental Obligations 

    Earl, Jacob C. (Georgetown University, 2017)
    Nearly everyone believes that we have special moral obligations to care for the children we create. Surprisingly, a satisfying philosophical justification of this belief has proved elusive. Causalist accounts ground these ...
  • Mental Diversity and Meaningful Psychiatric Disabilities 

    Guidry-Grimes, Laura K (Georgetown University, 2017)
    This dissertation provides a philosophical investigation of key claims arising from the psychiatric user/survivor movement. Users/survivors insist that psychiatric conditions do not necessarily diminish someone’s agency ...
  • International Political Legitimacy and Procedural Justice 

    Choe-Smith, Chong Un (Georgetown University, 2016)
    In this project, I offer and defend an account of international political legitimacy of international actors with economic charters, such as the International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization. With an emerging ...

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