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  • ComicCon-Networked Culture and Participatory Business in the US, Japan, and China 

    Wu, Zhihua (Georgetown University, 2018)
    ComicCon represents the coming-together of a participatory fan culture and a transmedial, multigenre commercial culture. This thesis analyzes the international ComicCon culture and its business strategies, including both ...
  • Sex, Lies, and Imitation Games: The Ethical Implications of an Artificially Intelligent Girlfriend 

    Kaufman, Ellen (Georgetown University, 2018)
    With promising applications in business, health care and countless other fields, artificial intelligence may hold the key to cracking once-unsolvable industry challenges. The sex industry is no exception: For the makers ...
  • Desegmenting a Gameworld: The Super Mario Series 

    Patel, Ojas (Georgetown University, 2018)
    Throughout game studies scholarship, the term “gameworld” has often been used to contain two notions simultaneously: the navigable virtual space of a videogame and the collection of characters, settings, and events represented ...
  • NewSpace: An Era of Entrepreneurial Branding 

    Chatlani, Shalina Haresh (Georgetown University, 2018)
    With the rise in space entrepreneurial companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin, the modern day space sector paradigm appears to be much different that of a NASA-led past. In the mid-90s with the rise of frustration over ...
  • What's in Your Face? Discrimination in Facial Recognition Technology 

    Wang, Jieshu (Georgetown University, 2018)
    This paper examines the discrimination in facial recognition technology (FRT) and how to mitigate it in the contexts of academia, product development, and industrial research. FRT is the automation of the processing of ...

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