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  • Self-Respect And Childhood 

    Ryan, Nanette (Georgetown University, 2022)
    In his autobiography Martin Luther King, Jr. recounts how his mother, Alberta Williams King, confronted what he describes as “the age-old problem of the Negro parent in America: how to explain discrimination and segregation ...
  • With All Due Deference: Marginalized Epistemic Agents and What They’re Owed 

    Ward, Madeline (Georgetown University, 2022)
    When we seek medical advice, we look to doctors. When we seek plumbing advice, we look to plumbers. And when we seek advice for how to make society more just and less marginalizing, we ought to look to those who are ...
  • Anorexia and Identity: A Philosophical Analysis 

    Schiff, Melayna (Georgetown University, 2022)
    While mental health professionals describe anorexia as a mental disorder, individuals with anorexia often describe it as an identity. By centering the lived experiences of individuals with anorexia, I take seriously the ...
  • Strawsonian Constitutivism: A Statement and Defense 

    Taylor, Gerald David (Georgetown University, 2022)
    In this dissertation, I defend a novel version of the metanormative view known as constitutivism, according to which there exist constitutive standards that apply to agents simply qua agents. The version of constitutivism ...
  • Metaethics Is Social 

    Farr, Jason (Georgetown University, 2021)
    Philosophy is in the midst of a social turn. Our community is pouring new energy into fields like social epistemology and social ontology, and across the discipline we have turned our focus toward political and ethical ...

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