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  • International Political Legitimacy and Procedural Justice 

    Choe-Smith, Chong Un (Georgetown University, 2016)
    In this project, I offer and defend an account of international political legitimacy of international actors with economic charters, such as the International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization. With an emerging ...
  • The Language of Emotion 

    Glazer, Walter P. (Georgetown University, 2016)
    In this dissertation, I defend a novel analysis of emotional expression, and then use it to explore the myriad ways in which emotional expressions function in communication. I argue that emotional expressions may be best ...
  • The Power of Genealogy 

    Menge, Torsten (Georgetown University, 2015)
    What is the normative import of telling genealogies? Genealogies are historical accounts of our present reason-giving practices. They purport to show how certain reasons, forms of reasoning, norms, and concepts came to be ...
  • In Defense of Dependence on Moral Testimony 

    McShane, Patricia Jane (Georgetown University, 2015)
    In this dissertation, I defend dependence on moral testimony. To that end, against pessimistic views regarding dependence on moral testimony I argue that moral testimony can confer epistemic warrant and that dependence on ...
  • On the Moral Significance of Conscience 

    Jeffrey, Anne Marshall (Georgetown University, 2015)
    Moral reasons are considerations that count in favor of or against actions in light of a moral standard. They can be functionally defined as authoritative guides to morally right action. Embedded in this concept is a deep ...

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