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  • Metaethics Is Social 

    Farr, Jason (Georgetown University, 2021)
    Philosophy is in the midst of a social turn. Our community is pouring new energy into fields like social epistemology and social ontology, and across the discipline we have turned our focus toward political and ethical ...
  • Taking Up Space: Social Norms, Space, and Mass Incarceration 

    Shafiei, Keyvan (Georgetown University, 2021)
    People have a peculiar relationship with space. Much of our thinking about who we are and how we relate to each other is mediated situationally and spatially. Put differently, where we are situated in space matters to how ...
  • Ethics and the Social Constitution of Agency 

    Donley, Clark Robinson (Georgetown University, 2021)
    In this dissertation, I offer an account of the social constitution of agency and I show how it grounds normative features applying to us as agents. This is a theory that I call social constitutivism. Constitutivism holds ...
  • Moral Structures: Scientific Reflections on Rationalist Themes 

    Jebari, Joseph D. (Georgetown University, 2021)
    In this dissertation, I develop a substantive, scientific account of the nature of practical normativity and then use this account to articulate an empirically tractable version of the rationalist approach to ethics. In ...
  • Epistemological Hermeneutics in the Clinic 

    Kolmes, Sara Kjellaug (Georgetown University, 2021)
    Sometimes, people using different epistemological strategies have to work together on a shared project. The differences between their epistemological strategies may make it difficult to share knowledge relevant to their ...

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