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  • Enzymes Under Pressure 

    Huang, Qi (Georgetown University, 2018)
    One of the most interesting questions about piezophiles (pressure-loving) is why enzymes from piezophiles are active at much higher pressures than the homologous enzymes from mesophiles (normal-loving). To study pressure ...
  • Mechanistic Insights of Reactions Catalyzed by OmpB Lysine Methyltransferases 

    Choi, Bok-Eum (Georgetown University, 2018)
    Protein lysine methylation of rickettsial OmpB (outer membrane protein B) has been implicated in the virulence of the typhus group of Rickettsia. N- and O-methylations have also been observed in virulence-relevant outer ...
  • Uric Acid Crystals 

    Hall, Victoria Marie (Georgetown University, 2018)
    Uric acid is a crystalline component in kidney stones and gout deposits. In the work described herein, a variety of approaches are adopted to (1) create more soluble forms of uric acid, (2) examine the effects of additives ...
  • Complexation of Air Gases in Small Cryptophanes 

    El Ayle, Gracia (Georgetown University, 2018)
    The molecule-within-molecule complexes of the container molecules constitute a fascinating branch of supramolecular chemistry that has broad-reaching implications. Since 1981, cryptophanes, defined by the connection of two ...
  • Reduction Potential Properties of Electron Transfer Proteins 

    Tran, Kelly Nora (Georgetown University, 2018)
    Electron transfer reactions play an important role in biological processes such as photosynthesis, respiration, and nitrogen fixation. Here, the electron transfer properties of iron-sulfur (Fe-S) proteins and blue copper ...

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