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  • Understanding Relational Background Knowledge Attacks on Social Media 

    Liu, Shuo (Georgetown University, 2019)
    While some users share large amounts of information, others share very little. However, even with limited amounts of sharing, users may still have high levels of exposure. Previous research has shown that for certain ...
  • Optimizing and Debugging Distributed Systems with Declarative Languages 

    Zhang, Yuankai (Georgetown University, 2019)
    Distributed systems are pervasively adopted in recent years to keep up with the ever-increasing needs of data-oriented applications. The increasingly demanding requirements of scalability, availability, and reliability ...
  • Dynamic Search Models and Applications 

    Luo, Jiyun (Georgetown University, 2018)
    Dynamic search is an information retrieval task that involves a sequence of queries for a complex information need (e.g. searching for one-week tour plans in Italy). It is characterized by rich user-system interactions and ...
  • Relation Extraction for Protein-protein Interactions Affected by Mutations 

    Fan, Ziling (Georgetown University, 2018)
    Precision Medicine (PM) is a promising approach for cancer treatment in the modern medical practice. Information about protein-protein interaction and mutations affecting the interaction is essential in understanding ...
  • Text Summarization and Categorization for Scientific and Health-Related Data 

    Cohan, Arman (Georgetown University, 2018)
    The increasing amount of unstructured health-related data has created a need for intelligent processing, summarizing, and categorizing these data to extract knowledge from them. My research goal in this dissertation is to ...

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