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  • Essays on the Gender Wage Gap and Intergenerational Mobility in the Presence of Sample Selection 

    Siravegna, Mariel Cecilia (Georgetown University, 2021)
    In this dissertation, I explore how the gender wage gap across the distribution and different indicators of intergenerational mobility in education are impacted by sample selection. In the first chapter, I analyze the ...
  • Consumer Learning and a Firm’s Dynamic Pricing Strategy 

    Wang, Yangyang (Georgetown University, 2021)
    In the traditional discrete choice model, we assume that consumers know the product attributes without uncertainty. Learning models extend the discrete choice model by assuming that consumers have incomplete information ...
  • Polarization in Communication Games 

    Pkhakadze, Nikoloz (Georgetown University, 2021)
    In this dissertation I explore the incentives and ability of the agent with informational superiority to polarize her rational audience. I explore this question in the context of strategic communication games. The first ...
  • Three Essays on Economics of Online Platforms 

    Chen, Jiadi (Georgetown University, 2021)
    This dissertation consists of three papers related to the economics of online platforms: one on e-commerce shipping, one on sports event attendance, and another on online concert ticket platforms.In the first chapter, we ...
  • Essays on Firm Dynamics and Labor Markets 

    Muratori, Umberto (Georgetown University, 2021)
    The two chapters of this dissertation explore two central topics of the current policy debate.

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