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  • Essays on For-Hire Vehicle Markets 

    Wong, Kin-ping Jeremy (Georgetown University, 2019)
    This dissertation consists of two essays of empirical studies on the for-hire vehicle market. In the first chapter, I present a dynamic spatial search and match model to study the effects of matching improvements including ...
  • Essays on Uncertainty and Credit Market Frictions 

    Melkadze, Givi (Georgetown University, 2019)
    The dissertation comprises of three chapters. The first chapter studies the role of credit market frictions in transmitting time-varying aggregate uncertainty to economic activity. First, we document that changes in ...
  • Essays on Multidimensional Search and Matching Models 

    Safak, Veli (Georgetown University, 2019)
    This dissertation examines search and matching models with multidimensional offers and agents.
  • Essays in Political Economy 

    Stashko, Allison (Georgetown University, 2019)
    In this dissertation, I apply theoretical and empirical analysis to three topics in political economy and microeconomics. In the first chapter, "Crossing the District Line", I study how electoral district maps affect public ...
  • Essays in Applied Microeconomics 

    Sansone, Dario (Georgetown University, 2019)
    My dissertation focuses on understanding whether and how institutions, policies and norms lead to an inefficient allocation of human capital - with specific focus on marginalized individuals - and what kind of interventions ...

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