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    • Age, Autos, and the Value of a Statistical Life 

      O'Brien, James H. (Georgetown University, 2014)
      In this dissertation I examine topics in environmental and development economics. In the first chapter I estimate the value of a statistical life (VSL) for individuals from the age of 18 up to the age of 85 by combining ...
    • Attending to Traditional Birth Attendants: Incentives and Responses in Western Kenya 

      Rai, Nisha A. (Georgetown University, 2015)
      In this dissertation I examine topics in development economics. The first two chapters relate to Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) in the Western Province of Kenya, and the final chapter focuses on network-based hiring ...
    • Banking, Real Estate Markets and Macroprudential Policy: Quantitative Studies and Empirical Support 

      Tiernan, Natalie Lynn (Georgetown University, 2014)
      This dissertation studies frictions in the lending market that generate overlending and lax lending standards. Chapter 2 develops a quantitative model to study two frictions: 1) limited liability and 2) banks failing to ...
    • Board of Directors: The Role of Networks 

      Ravanel, Mathilde Ida (Georgetown University, 2014)
      Board composition and role in corporate governance have been under close scrutiny both in the academic and "civil" worlds. Independence has been advocated as a way to reinforce the board's power over the managers. However, ...
    • The Changing Nature Of The Telecommunications Industry: Impacts On Demand And Regulation 

      Ukhaneva, Olga (Georgetown University, 2015)
      The telecommunications industry has recently experienced drastic changes. The aim of these essays is to examine how the changes in the industry have transformed consumers' demand for telecommunications services and the ...
    • The Consumer Credit Channel of Monetary Policy 

      Luo, Wenlan (Georgetown University, 2017)
      Using the Consumer Expenditure Survey, I document a new fact that the consumption response to monetary policy shocks is greater for households with higher default risk. I propose a consumer credit channel that accommodative ...
    • Cyclical Price Volatility: Role of Shopping Behavior and Customer Capital 

      Chen, Muran (Georgetown University, 2020)
      I provide an explanation for the counter-cyclical price growth dispersion. I document two facts: (1) consumers switch more across sellers during a recession, and (2) sellers set higher prices after a growth in the customer ...
    • Economic Essays on Innovations for Development 

      Thomas, Milan (Georgetown University, 2020)
      In response to pressing needs and limited resources, public and private institutions have been established to support innovations for development - new processes, technologies, and delivery methods designed to reach the ...
    • The Economics of Human Development: Schooling, Nutrition, and Social Protection 

      Brown, Caitlin (Georgetown University, 2017)
      While there have been large gains in poverty reduction globally, there is evidence to suggest that the poorest are being left behind. This dissertation aims to further our knowledge of the economics of human development, ...
    • Essays about Credit, Executive Compensation and Real Estate Market 

      Ge, Lei (Georgetown University, 2018)
      This dissertation comprises three chapters related to the risk-taking decisions of the firms and the households. The first two chapters study the risk-taking from the perspectives of the investment risk of the CEOs and its ...
    • Essays in Applied Microeconometrics 

      Savchenko, Yevgeniya (Georgetown University, 2014)
      The first chapter of the dissertation investigates whether remittances affect child's schooling and labor outcomes in Bangladesh, specifically enrollment in school, labor and household chores participation and performance ...
    • Essays in Applied Microeconometrics 

      Schroeder, Elizabeth (Georgetown University, 2011)
      This dissertation applies recent econometric techniques using control functions to outstanding questions in the labor and development literatures.
    • Essays in Applied Microeconomics 

      Sansone, Dario (Georgetown University, 2019)
      My dissertation focuses on understanding whether and how institutions, policies and norms lead to an inefficient allocation of human capital - with specific focus on marginalized individuals - and what kind of interventions ...
    • Essays in business cycles and international finance 

      Amdur, David P. (Georgetown University, 2010)
    • Essays in Empirical Economics 

      Celiku, Bledi (Georgetown University, 2014)
      The first chapter investigates the theoretical and empirical effects of increased law enforcement on the equilibrium level of bribes for the case of Albania during the period of 2005-2010. It centers on "harassment" bribes, ...
    • Essays in Empirical Microeconomics 

      Phillips, David Cameron (Georgetown University, 2012)
      This dissertation contains three essays in empirical microeconomics aimed at measuring the causal effects of policies related to poverty both in the U.S. and internationally. First, I examine the whether raising wages at ...
    • Essays in Gender and Development Economics 

      Hernandez de Benito, Maria Hernandez (Georgetown University, 2021)
      In this dissertation, I study three topics in gender and development economics. In the first chapter, "The Effect of Violent Crime on Intra-household Resource Allocation", I study the effects of violent crime on household ...
    • Essays in Health Economics 

      Albert, Jason (Georgetown University, 2015)
      The first chapter studies a dynamic model of a fee-for-service healthcare system in which healthcare providers compete for patients by prescribing antibiotics. Using antibiotics limits antibiotic-treatable infections, but ...

      Zeccchetto, Franco (Georgetown University, 2017)
      In the first chapter, we analyze the removal of the credit-risk guarantees provided by the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) in a model with agents heterogeneous in income and house price risk. We find that wealth ...
    • Essays in International and Innovation Economics 

      Fernandez Donoso, Jose (Georgetown University, 2014)
      The first chapter of this dissertation introduces the motivation, explains the system of international patents, and then itemizes the structure of the research. As a nonmarket route of technology diffusion, international ...