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  • Utraque Unum 12:1 (2019) 

    Boyd, Richard; Silver, Henry; Valenti, Virginia; Connelly, Thomas; Lizza, Erica; Thorman, Jack; Baylor, Solveig; DeFelice, Michael; Kamyab, Andisheh; Berman, Bianca; Provost, Caroline; Grigg, George; Greenwood, Julia; Marrow, Jonathan (Georgetown University. Tocqueville Forum for Political Understanding, 2019)
  • Under the Umbrella: Alliance Credibility and Nuclear Proliferation 

    Kim, Jooeun June (Georgetown University, 2019)
    What are the causes and consequences of alliance credibility in international politics? While the credibility and reputation literature has examined whether or not credibility matters in international politics, these studies ...
  • The Public Has No Outrage Left: State Capture in the Republic of Moldova 

    Knight, Ryan (Georgetown University, 2019)
    Since the theft of $1 billion from its economy in 2014, the Republic of Moldova’s nominally pro-European ruling coalition has failed to implement reforms needed to deal with endemic corruption. Instead, power has become ...
  • Sourcing Air Supremacy: Determinants of Change in the International Fighter Jet Network 

    Rounds, Raymond Kenneth (Georgetown University, 2019)
    International arms transfers stand at the intersection of security studies and international political economy. They are not simply economic exchanges or transfers in goods, but a crucial part of larger state-to-state ...
  • Follow the Party: Super PACs and the Political Party Network 

    Koch, Justin Alan (Georgetown University, 2019)
    In 2010, two U.S. court decisions enabled political groups to raise and spend money in unlimited amounts. These groups, called Super PACs, are known for the vast sums of money they spend in elections. However, less attention ...

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