Manuscripts create a window into the evolution of the legal process over time. Special Collections strives to preserve and make accessible collections that further our understanding of the law especially, its development, and the many factors that shape it. The Manuscripts Collection overall consists of personal papers from past deans and faculty of Georgetown Law, alumni donations, case files, and historical documents. Some a materials on Watergate, Criminal Justice, Early Colonial and English law, International law, development of law in the American West, Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal, and Georgetown Law alumni.

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  • Russell Mueller ERISA Papers 

    Mueller, Russell (1968)
    The Russell Mueller ERISA Papers spans the years 1968-1975 roughly, with the bulk concentrated on 1972-1975. The papers consist of two series: ERISA Documents, 1972-1975; and ERISA Development Conference Documents. The ...
  • Second Film Footage of Post-WWII Japan 

    Brannon, John G. (1947)
    A second film created by John G. Brannon of Post-WWII Japan taken during his time there. The original was recorded on 16mm film.
  • Footage of Post-WWII Japan 

    Brannon, John G. (1947)
    Video footage of Post-WWII Japan taken by John G. Brannon. In several clips Mr. Brannon appears on camera. Originally recorded on 16mm film.
  • Oral History of Ron Bogard 

    Bogard, Ron (1993-07-23)
    Oral history of Ron Bogard as part of the Gay Rights Coalition Oral History project.
  • Oral History of Richard Chused 

    Chused, Richard (1991-09-27)
    Oral history interview of Richard Chused as part of the Gay Rights Coalition Oral History project.

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