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    • Brannon Letter April 12, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-04-12)
      [enclosure: manuscript discussing the Dai Iti Hotel] Regarding social life in Tokyo.
    • Brannon Letter April 14, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-04-14)
      [enclosure: manuscript discussing the reason for American attorneys working on Japanese defense] Letter discusses travels around Japan.
    • Brannon Letter April 14, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-04-14)
      Request for cigarettes.
    • Brannon Letter April 16, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-04-16)
      Business contacts in Japan.
    • Brannon Letter April 17, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-04-17)
      Government and economics in occupied Japan.
    • Brannon Letter April 17, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-04-17)
      The trial has ended and now Brannon experiences the “let down” feeling. Shimada thanks Brannon for his efforts. The fairness of the trial.
    • Brannon Letter April 18, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-04-18)
      Securing the release of Nagano’s property to his wife.
    • Brannon Letter April 18, 1950 

      John G. Brannon (1950-04-18)
      Politics at home.
    • Brannon Letter April 20, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-04-20)
      Post-trial activities.
    • Brannon Letter April 22, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-04-22)
      Letter discusses his work on the defense. Brannon comments that the Japanese should have been allowed to try their own people. The hand-written manuscript recounts a plot summary of a book Brannon is thinking of writing. ...
    • Brannon Letter April 27, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-04-27)
      Meetings and discussions with former Japanese Ambassador Nomura. Mrs. Nagano’s conversation with Nomura regarding the Pearl Harbor attack.
    • Brannon Letter April 30, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-04-30)
      News clippings without letter of April 30, 1947.
    • Brannon Letter April 5, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-04-05)
      Business ventures in Japan. Brannon mentions George Yamaoka (L’ 28).
    • Brannon Letter April 6, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-04-06)
      Relations with Russia.
    • Brannon Letter August 16, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-08-16)
      Illnesses in Japan.
    • Brannon Letter August 23, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-08-23)
      Family matters and presenting in court.
    • Brannon Letter August 23, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-08-23)
      The filing of a petition for habeas corpus in the Supreme Court. Why he would file the petition.
    • Brannon Letter August 29, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-08-29)
      Personal matters and a trip to Shanghai.
    • Brannon Letter August 30, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-08-30)
      Brannon’s courtroom punch lines. Discussions with Keenan. More discussion on the trial.
    • Brannon Letter August 31, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-08-31)
      Discussion on learning the Japanese language.
    • Brannon Letter August 8, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-08-08)
      [enclosure: letter from Hayashi Iko] New laws in Japan similar to American laws and Bill of Rights. The hypocrisy of the occupation.
    • Brannon Letter December 1, 1945 

      John G. Brannon (1945-12-01)
      A letter to Bernard from Hayashi (in Japanese) with a typed translation. Brannon mentions attending a party at the Akaska rikyu – detached Palace of the Emperor of Japan and he will be the first foreigner there since ...
    • Brannon Letter December 14, 1946 

      John G. Brannon (1946-12-14)
      Restrictions and regulations being placed on the defense counsel. Brannon wonders “Shall I take a sincere defense and protect the U.S. or shall I go all out?” Richardson cross-examination and the cross-examination in ...
    • Brannon Letter December 17, 1946 

      John G. Brannon (1946-12-17)
      The Richardson cross-examination. Reduction of the Defense staff, Warren the lawyer for Admiral Oka leaving and the lawyer for Admiral Shimada being sent home for infraction of rules.
    • Brannon Letter December 19, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-12-19)
      The Tribunal “A trial of revenge.” Brannon’s compassion for defending Japanese war criminals.
    • Brannon Letter December 2, 1946 

      John G. Brannon (1946-12-02)
      Travel to Singapore for witnesses for Nagano’s defense.
    • Brannon Letter December 20, 1949 

      John G. Brannon (1949-12-20)
      Politics at home.
    • Brannon Letter December 22, 1946 

      John G. Brannon (1946-12-22)
      A poorly typed transcription of the letter via computer accompanies the hand written letter. The defense’s preparations and almost ready to start their portion of the trial. The disparity between the Prosecution’s resources ...
    • Brannon Letter December 22, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-12-22)
      Personal matters.
    • Brannon Letter December 23, 1946 

      John G. Brannon (1946-12-23)
      Discussion of Tokyo and acquaintances at Christmas time. Mentions President of the Tribunal Sir William Webb as well as French Judge Bernard.
    • Brannon Letter December 25, 1946 

      John G. Brannon (1946-12-25)
      Christmas Eve at a Japanese Tsuchiya’s house for dinner. Mentions Watanake obtaining for him a sword of Yamamoto.
    • Brannon Letter December 26, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-12-26)
      [enclosures: photographs] Togo on the witness stand. Writing Shimada’s summation argument.
    • Brannon Letter December 28, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-12-28)
      Adequate representation for the accused war criminals. The testimony of Tojo.
    • Brannon Letter December 29, 1946 

      John G. Brannon (1946-12-29)
      Reflections of the year.
    • Brannon Letter December 31, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-12-31)
      The cross-examination of Tojo.
    • Brannon Letter December 7, 1946 

      John G. Brannon (1946-12-07)
      Brannon’s cross-examination of Admiral Richardson on November 25 and 26th, 1946. Financial problems of keeping the employees afloat during the trial.
    • Brannon Letter December 9, 1947 

      John G. Brannon (1947-12-09)
      Finished the presentation of the defense for Shimada. Business discussion. Shimada’s affidavit and Shimada’s cross-examination.
    • Brannon Letter February 1, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-02-01)
      Casualties post-war.
    • Brannon Letter February 1, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-02-01)
      The Nuremburg verdict and the continuing trial in Japan. Points for his case.
    • Brannon Letter February 11, 1948 

      John G. Brannon (1948-02-11)
      First letter contains personal matters. Second letter –the Defense ended its case.