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  • Beyond the Binary Understanding of Masculinities: Displaced Syrian Refugee Men Living with Disability and Chronic Illness in Jordan 

    Muhanna-Matar, Aitemad (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2020-05-13)
    This article analyzes the dynamics of renegotiating masculinities among displaced Syrian men with disabilities in Jordan. The article draws its analysis on the personal narratives of four Syrian men who have experienced ...
  • Norm and Dissidence: Egyptian Shiʿa between Security Approaches and Geopolitical Stakes 

    Stéphane, Valter (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2019-11)
    This paper presents a study of Egyptian Shiʿism by providing historical context as well as a focus on actual or current issues. The study includes a historical overview of local Shiʿism (Fatimid period, late nineteenth ...
  • To Shoot or to Defect? Military Responses to the Arab Uprisings 

    Shama, Nael (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2019-09)
    By examining the events of the Arab uprisings, this paper looks into the nature and dynamics of armies’ responses to popular uprisings. It argues that the outcome of the massive, regime-threatening Arab revolts in 2011 can ...
  • شيوخ الدين العلويين: مقدمة موجزة 

    Goldsmith, Leon T. (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2018)
    يعدّ الاطلاع الدقيق على الماضي والحاضر والأدوار المستقبلية المحتملة للقيادة الدينية للطائفة العلوية ومهامها مسألة إشكالية وسط الصراع السوري المستمر. ويتمثّل الهدف من هذه المقدمة القصيرة في إلقاء بعض الضوء على موضوع القيادة ...
  • The Rise and Decline of Saudi Overseas Humanitarian Charities 

    Jonathan, Benthall (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2018-09-01)
    This paper records and interprets the rise and decline of Saudi overseas humanitarian charities, with special reference to the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO or IIROSA). Founded in 1975, IIROSA grew as a ...

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