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  • Youth in the Middle East 

    Hassan, Islam; Dyer, Paul; Silver, Hilary; Farah, Samar; Sayre, Edward; Hashemi, Manata; Robbins, Michael; El Taraboulsi, Sherine N. (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2016)
    While some of MENA’s recent macro-economic and political developments have created further obstacles for the region’s youth, young peoples’ responses to these constraints have differed remarkably. As such, the process by ...
  • Media and Politics in the Wake of the Arab Uprisings Summary Report 

    Mirgani, Suzi; Zayani, Mohamed; el Issawi, Fatima; Hamdy, Naila; Matar, Dina; Kraidy, Marwan M.; Khalil, Joe; AlNajjar, Abeer; Harb, Zahera; Seib, Philip (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2016-04)
    This research initiative has resulted in an edited volume, Bullets and Bulletins: Media and Politics in the Wake of the Arab Uprisings (Oxford University Press/Hurst, 2016), offering critical examination into the profound ...
  • Gateways to the World: Port Cities in the Gulf 

    Kamrava, Mehran; Keshavarzian, Arang; Ramos, Stephen; Salama, Ashraf M.; Wiedmann, Florian; Gharib, Remah; Tok, M. Evren; Zebian, Mohammad; Alaedini, Pooya; Javaheripour, Mehrdad; Bontenbal, Marike; Kanna, Ahmed (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2015)
    Within a matter of decades, Gulf port cities have rapidly evolved from regional centers of cultural and economic exchange to globalizing cities deeply embedded within the global economy. Explicitly evident features of Gulf ...
  • Arab Migrant Communities in the GCC Summary Report 

    Babar, Zahra; Ridge, Natasha; Shami, Soha; Kippels, Susan; Alajmi, Abdullah; Taylor, Abbie; Soudy, Nada; Martin, Susan; Jamal, Manal A.; Newson, Michael; Roque, Dax; Cook, Harry; De Bel-Air, Françoise; Maher, Garret; Amara, Mahfoud; Naufal, Georges; Genc, Ismail; Vargas-Silva, Carlos (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2015-05)
    Increasingly, over the past few decades, the cross-border mobility of people and international migration has become a central and dynamic hallmark of human existence. While migration is by no means a recent phenomenon, ...
  • Fragile Politics: Weak States in the Greater Middle East 

    Kamrava, Mehran; Schmitz, Charles; Phillips, Sarah; Esser, Daniel; Wehrey, Frederic; Mikaelian, Shoghig; Salloukh, Bassel F.; Abusharaf, Rogaia; de Waal, Alex; Babar, Zahra; Osman, Dwaa; Robinson, Glenn E.; Brand, Laurie; McGillivray, Mark; Feeny, Simon; De Silva, Ashton (Center for International and Regional Studies, 2014-10-08)
    This CIRS research initiative on weak states in the Middle East begins with a critical analysis of current definitions and terminology of weak and fragile states, scrutinizing the political implications of the prevailing ...

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