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  • Rural-Urban Migration and Rural Inequality in China 

    Ahmad, Mohammad Taimur Ali (2017-05-01)
    Rural-urban inequality in China has been increasing over the past few decades, with the prospects of higher wages in urban centers leading to mass rural-urban migration. I examine how rural inequality affects the household ...
  • Does Access lead to Utilization? The case of health care in India 

    Bohra, Zarine (2017-05-01)
    I examine whether improving access to medical facilities and health care services enhances utilization and directly affects health outcomes, and factors that cause variation in patterns of health care utilization across ...
  • Identifying Network Effects in the Adoption of Sanitary Latrines 

    Mallah, Farah (2015-06-09)
    Household decisions are highly influenced by social interactions. In this paper I identify the effect of social interactions (networks) on the likelihood of a rural household in Vietnam installing a sanitary latrine between ...
  • Legal Structures and the Informal Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa 

    Mac Dougall, Sarah (2013-05-03)
    Building on previously existing literature relating to the impact of legal structure on a country’s economy, this paper looks at how the distinction of common versus civil law tradition impacts informal economies of ...