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    • Socioeconomic Status, Race/Ethnicity, and Selective College Admissions 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Rose, Stephen (Center on Education and the Workforce, 2003-05-30)
      Seeks to expand the traditional debate over race and ethnicity in admissions to selective colleges by analyzing the issue of whether low-income students should benefit from affirmative action policies. Anthony Carnevale ...
    • A Real Analysis of Real Education 

      Carnevale, Anthony P. (Center on Education and the Workforce, 2008)
      In A Real Analysis of Real Education, Dr. Carnevale examines Charles Murray's views on limiting access to college degrees.
    • Help Wanted: Postsecondary Education and Training Required 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Strohl, Jeff; Smith, Nicole (Center on Education and the Workforce, 2009)
      Help Wanted: Postsecondary Education and Training Required attests to the increasing importance of postsecondary credentials for achieving middle-class earnings and status.
    • Graduated Success: Sustainable Economic Opportunity Through One- and Two-Year Credentials 

      Wheary, Jennifer; Orozco, Viany (Center on Education and the Workforce, 2010)
      The Center on Education and the Workforce contributes to a new report outlining how AA degrees and certificates can lead to higher paying jobs than 4-year degrees.
    • Postsecondary Education and Training As We Know It Is Not Enough: Why We Need to Leaven Postsecondary Strategy with More Attention to Employment Policy, Social Policy, and Career and Technical Education in High School 

      Carnevale, Anthony P. (Center on Education and the Workforce, 2010-04)
      Current Obama administration policies emphasize Pell grant funding and community colleges. In a recent paper published by the Urban Institute, Dr. Carnevale argues that postsecondary education should also be aligned with ...
    • How Increasing College Access is Increasing Inequality, and What to Do about It 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Strohl, Jeff (2010-06)
      The good news is that more students are going to college. The bad news is that today's students find themselves in an increasingly stratified system.
    • Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Smith, Nicole; Strohl, Jeff (2010-06)
      The report presents a new approach that answers some critical questions about the emerging economy, including: When will the jobs come back? Where will the jobs be? Which states? Which industries? Which occupations? What ...
    • Measuring Green Jobs 

      Carnevale, Anthony P. (Center on Education and the Workforce, 2010-08-01)
      The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has invested almost $100 billion in the "green economy." This includes money for everything from workforce development and training, to research on cutting-edge technologies, to ...
    • Public Comments on For-Profit Institutions 

      Carnevale, Anthony P. (Center on Education and the Workforce, 2010-08-18)
      The Center's has submitted commentary on proposed regulations from the Department of Education about for-profit and career colleges. The comments support, explain and offer specific suggestions.
    • What's It Worth?: The Economic Value of College Majors 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Strohl, Jeff; Melton, Michelle (2011-05)
      We've always been able to say how much a Bachelor's degree is worth in general. Now, we show what each Bachelor's degree major is worth. The report finds that different undergraduate majors result in very different earnings. ...
    • The Undereducated American 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Rose, Stephen J. (2011-06)
      The United States has been underproducing college-educated workers for decades. The undersupply of postsecondary-educated workers has led to both inefficiency and inequity . . . Adding 20 million additional postsecondary-educated ...
    • The College Payoff: Education, Occupations, Lifetime earnings 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Rose, Stephen J.; Cheah, Ban (2011-08)
      A college degree pays off--but by just how much? In this report, we examine just what a college degree is worth--and what else besides a degree might influence an individual's potential earnings. This report examines ...
    • The Midwest Challenge: Matching Jobs with Education in the Post-Recession Economy 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Smith, Nicole (2011-09)
      While the economy continues to transition from a production-based economy to a services-based economy, manufacturing and agricultural employment in the Midwest will continue to decline. However, Midwestern states are no ...
    • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Smith, Nicole; Melton, Michelle (2011-10)
      Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) occupations are critical to our continued economic competitiveness because of their direct ties to innovation, economic growth, and productivity, even though they ...
    • Career clusters: Forecasting Demand for High School through College Jobs, 2008-2018 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Smith, Nicole; Stone, James R., III; Kotamraju, Pradeep; Steuernagel, Bruce; Green, Kimberly A. (2011-11)
      The best pathway to the middle class is through a postsecondary education, but not everyone goes directly from high school to college. Are those who enter the workforce directly from high school doomed to work minimum wage ...
    • Hard Times: College Majors, Unemployment and Earnings: Not All College Degrees Are Created Equal 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Cheah, Ban; Strohl, Jeff (2012-01)
      Much attention has been devoted to the 9 percent unemployment among recent college graduates, leading some to conclude that college is no longer worth it. In Hard Times, we argue that college remains the best alternative ...
    • Healthcare 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Smith, Nicole; Gulish, Artem; Beach, Bennett H. (2012-06)
      In Healthcare, we provide detailed analyses and projections of healthcare fields, occupations, and their wages. In addition, we discuss the important skills and work values associated with healthcare fields and occupations. ...
    • Certificates: Gateway to Gainful Employment and College Degrees 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Rose, Stephen J.; Hanson, Andrew R. (2012-06)
      Certificates have swelled to become the second most common postsecondary award in the U.S.: Over 1 million are awarded each year. In the context of concerns about rising college costs and student loan debt, certificates, ...
    • A Decade Behind: Breaking Out of the Low-Skill Trap in the Southern Economy 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Smith, Nicole (2012-07)
      The South is caught in a low-skill/low-wage trap. But which came first: low skills or a low wage economy? The South's current predicament is reminiscent of the old adage about the "chicken or the egg." So, which came first, ...
    • The College Advantage: Weathering the Economic Storm 

      Carnevale, Anthony P.; Jayasundara, Tamara; Cheah, Ban (2012-08)
      Many of the stories you've heard about the Great Recession often involve the plight of college graduates, or stories about how men and women have fared differently in the recession and recovery. The media have even created ...