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  • May the Best Woman Win? Education and Bias Against Women in American Politics 

    Carnevale, Anthony; Smith, Nicole; Campbell, Kathryn Peltier (Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 2019)
    In this report, we explore how sex, age, income, race, and political affiliation might influence opinions regarding women’s suitability to be president. We also explore whether educational attainment levels might lead to ...
  • Five Rules of the College and Career Game 

    Carnevale, Anthony P.; Cheah, Ban (2018)
    Because post-secondary education and training have become the most well-traveled pathways to middle class earnings, both students and the educators who serve them need to learn new rules of the college and career game.
  • Certificates in Oregon: A Model for Workers to Jump-Stop or Reboot Careers 

    Carnevale, Anthony P.; Ridley, Neil; Fasules, Megan L. (2018)
    Across the country, individuals are turning to post-secondary certificates as an accessible, low-cost route to economic opportunity. Certificates, which typically recognize completion of a program of study between high ...
  • Rocky Mountain Divide: Lifting Latinos and Closing Equity Gaps in Colorado 

    Carnevale, Anthony P.; Garcia, Tanya I.; Fasules, Megan L. (2018)
    Persistent growth in skill requirements on the job and low unemployment has forced Colorado to compete for skilled labor nationwide, but that threatens to leave Coloradans born in the state behind in the competition for ...
  • Balancing Work and Learning: Implications for Low-Income Students 

    Carnevale, Anthony P.; Smith, Nicole (2018)
    Over the past half century, the relationship between working and learning has changed in profound ways that have made it more difficult for students, especially students from low income backgrounds, to attain the right mix ...

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