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    • Dal cibo nazionale al cibo globale La digestione letteraria di un pasto storico 

      Grose, Madeleine Macht (Georgetown University, 2015)
      In this thesis I explore the evolution of Italian culinary identity from the period of Italy’s unification to the present. In order to investigate this topic I use a multidisciplinary approach, drawing from historical, ...
    • Dalla Route 66 ai Treni del Sole: le Migrazioni Interne in The Grapes Of Wrath e Rocco e I suoi fratelli 

      Romano, Nicoletta (Georgetown University, 2018)
      As cultural depictions of internal migrations in their respective countries, The Grapes of Wrath and Rocco e i suoi fratelli illustrate a parallel trajectory despite two opposing and divergent historical contexts, i.e. the ...
    • Diventare cucina tipica: i prodotti del Nuovo Mondo sulla tavola italiana 

      Canup, Elise Bernadette (Georgetown University, 2013)
      While most people are aware of the extent to which the discovery of the Americas changed world history, few consider the impact of New World flora and fauna on the eating habits of the Old World. Even Italy, which held ...
    • Donna Ferrante's Library: Resonance of the Classics in the Neapolitan Novels 

      Barchiesi, Costanza (Georgetown University, 2018)
      I weigh the Classical resonance in Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels, focusing primarily on the Roman concept of Genius. I adopt the theory on intertextuality and allusion, also pondering on issues raised by gender studies.
    • Espressione dell'identità etnica fra gli italoamericani di Washington, D.C. 

      Stern, Jonathan Henry (Georgetown University, 2015)
      This research project examines the expression of ethnic identity among members of the Italian American community in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The study is based on the theory of identity as a social construction, ...
    • Europa 

      Pireddu, Nicoletta (Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies, 2002)
    • Family interaction and engagement with the heritage language: A case study 

      De Fina, Anna (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2013)
      In this paper I closely examine spontaneous interactions between members of a tri-generation Italian American family. I argue that members show different language preferences and differing attitudes towards the ...
    • Foreignizing the Imagi-Nation: Giovanni Ruffini’s Contrapuntal Risorgimento 

      Pireddu, Nicoletta (Canadian Society for Italian Studies, 2013)
      Giovanni Ruffini, author of the 1855 novel Doctor Antonio, is mainly remembered as the quintessential exiled Risorgimento patriot who, in Mazzini’s footsteps, from London advocated Italy’s freedom and unification. this ...

      Toscano Gore, Brittany (Georgetown University, 2017)
      This study examines three U.S. university study abroad programs, looking at the experience of American college students studying the Italian language. I focus my research on three American universities, Georgetown University, ...
    • Identità ebraica e femminile nella letteratura italiana contemporanea 

      Sanchez, Nikole Marie (Georgetown University, 2020)
      This study aims to analyze the representation of gender and identity in Italian Jewish female narrative of the postwar world. Through an analysis of select works by Clara Sereni and Helena Janeczek it is possible to trace ...

      De Palma, Dario (Georgetown University, 2017)
      The renowned antifascist intellectuals Ignazio Silone and Carlo Levi are too often relegated to epoch of fascism and to the Southern Question, which are the classic themes of their famous novels Fontamara and Christ Stopped ...
    • Il caffè come protagonista culturale nella storia italiana 

      Silva, Raquel Maria (Georgetown University, 2014)
      The link between coffee (particularly that of espresso) and Italy seems to be among the more prominent, if at times stereotypical, associations with the Italian culture. Interestingly enough, the concept of espresso is a ...
    • Il cinema e le ideologie politiche alla Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia. 

      Jones, Lauren Amelia (Georgetown University, 2015)
      This thesis explores the relationship between political ideologies and cinema in Italy in relation to the Venice Film Festival, from the fascist period to the 1968 contestation. In particular, newspaper and magazine reviews ...
    • Il Discorso Populista di Beppe Grillo 

      Raymond, Annabelle (Georgetown University, 2018)
      This study examines the discourse of Beppe Grillo, founder of the Five Star Movement, a populist political movement created on his personal blog in 2009. It analyzes three of the texts published on Grillo’s blog about the ...
    • Il genio impetuoso: L'evoluzione creatrice di Italo Svevo ne Lo Specifico del Dottor Menghi 

      Robbins, Andrew Martin (Georgetown University, 2013)
      This thesis is a study and translation of Lo Specifico del Dottor Menghi (Doctor Menghi's Specific), a short story by the Italian fiction writer Aron Ettore Schmitz, best known by his pseudonym Italo Svevo. Unusually it ...
    • Italian Language and Culture Conference: Challenges in the 21st Century Italian Classroom 

      Hipwell, Louise F.; Melucci, Donatella; Bregni, Simone; D'Eugenio, Daniela; De Santi, Chiara; Essary, Brandon; Fognani, Arianna; Hall, Crystal; Hiller, Jonathan R.; Kierans, Eilis; Mosca, Annalisa; Saggin, Alessandra; Tosi, Giuseppe; Zamboni, Camilla; Georgetown University. Department of Italian; DigitalGeorgetown (Department of Italian, Georgetown University, 2020)
      Selected papers from the fourth iteration of the Italian Language and Culture Conference, held on October 26, 2019, at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

      Rizzo, Francesco Antonio (Georgetown University, 2016)
      It has been over a decade since the creation of Facebook and there are other virtual places where people can engage in computer mediated communication (CMC) in public while also having private conversations with either ...
    • La donna fatale tra evoluzione ed emarginazione 

      Owens, Courtney N. (Georgetown University, 2013)
      In the history of women there have been many controversial figures that have challenged the stereotypes and traditional ideas about women formed by patriarchal societies. Amidst the women who chose to break the rules of ...

      Nazaretova, Yekaterina (Georgetown University, 2015)
      It is always interesting to study the origin of certain cultural stereotypes, be they negative or positive. Italy is a country that is known internationally for the ability of its people to dress beautifully, a taste that ...
    • Le identità di Griselda attraverso il suo rapporto coniugale in Boccaccio, Petrarca e Chaucer 

      Vazquez, Mariel Alejandra (Georgetown University, 2016)
      The last tale of Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron is especially famous for its illustration of the obedient wife. Griselda is the tale’s protagonist that undergoes the ordeals created by her husband, the Marquis of Saluzzo. ...