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  • "India" before the Raj: Space and Identity in South Asian History 

    Chakravarti, Ananya (2019-08-12)
    A survey focusing on the past three decades of scholarship on pre-Raj South Asian history, with some suggestions for further reading.
  • Utraque Unum 12:1 (2019) 

    Boyd, Richard; Silver, Henry; Valenti, Virginia; Connelly, Thomas; Lizza, Erica; Thorman, Jack; Baylor, Solveig; DeFelice, Michael; Kamyab, Andisheh; Berman, Bianca; Provost, Caroline; Grigg, George; Greenwood, Julia; Marrow, Jonathan (Georgetown University. Tocqueville Forum for Political Understanding, 2019)
  • Listening to the Sacred 

    Chamseddine, Abdul Rahman Mahmoud (Georgetown University, 2019)
    A study of the sacred in Islam that is manifested in the oral revelation as it had occurred in the world through reciting and listening to create a sacred aural sphere in which perceptions, attitudes, and practices of the ...
  • Nativism Contra Acculturation: The Formation of the Mālikī and Ḥanafī Schools of Law 

    Haddad, Youssef (Georgetown University, 2019)
    Reconstructing the formation and evolution of the four Sunni Islamic schools of law is a precarious endeavor that requires investigating distinct, yet overlapping, factors. Notwithstanding the importance of the doctrinal ...
  • Overcoming Whiteness: A Critical Comparison of James Cone's Black Liberation Theology and Shinran's Jōdo Shinshū Buddhism 

    Herman, Peter Charles (Georgetown University, 2019)
    “There is no truth in Jesus Christ independent of the oppressed of the land—their history and culture…Indeed it can be said that to know Jesus is to know him as revealed in the struggle of the oppressed for freedom.” James ...

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