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  • Utraque Unum 13:1 (2020/2021) 

    Wahl, Jessica; Scott, Liam; Wang, Willis; Goldsmith, Simon; Ryb, Bella; Mielke, Gabe; Hwang, Iris; James, Henry; Kelety, Bryce; Chisholm, Grace; Groseclose, Henry; Sargent, Katie; Ondeck, Eleanor; Goohs, Maxim; Brown, Jordan; Laird, Sarah; Marrow, Jonathan (Georgetown University. Tocqueville Forum for Political Understanding, 2020)
  • Supporting the Development of Executive Functioning among Children Growing up in Low-Income Households across the Early Childhood to Formal Schooling Transition: The Role of Math Instruction 

    Hutchison, Jane E (Georgetown University, 2021)
    Children who begin formal schooling with stronger executive functioning (EF) capacities are better able to adapt to a more regimented learning environment and to succeed academically. Unfortunately, children growing up in ...
  • Metaethics Is Social 

    Farr, Jason (Georgetown University, 2021)
    Philosophy is in the midst of a social turn. Our community is pouring new energy into fields like social epistemology and social ontology, and across the discipline we have turned our focus toward political and ethical ...
  • Taking Up Space: Social Norms, Space, and Mass Incarceration 

    Shafiei, Keyvan (Georgetown University, 2021)
    People have a peculiar relationship with space. Much of our thinking about who we are and how we relate to each other is mediated situationally and spatially. Put differently, where we are situated in space matters to how ...
  • Agency and Participation in Multilingual Family Interaction 

    Ikizoglu, Didem (Georgetown University, 2021)
    Building on previous work in participation (Goffman 1981, Goodwin and Goodwin 2004, Goodwin 2018, Erickson 2004) and agency (Ahearn 2001, Enfield 2017), I investigate – through interactional sociolinguistic and multimodal ...

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