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  • Modeling Search Engine’s Explorations in Dynamic Search: An Ontological Perspective 

    Wu, Hongkai (Georgetown University, 2016)
    Dynamic search is an information retrieval task, in which information systems retrieve documents for a user’s multiple queries. Each query starts a search iteration and aims to fulfill part of the user’s information need. ...
  • Search in Adverse Environments 

    Soo, Jason (Georgetown University, 2016)
    Today, search is a ubiquitous task. This task often carries the expectation that relevant results shall be returned within the first 10 documents. While the advent of modern online search engines have created such ...
  • Privacy Preservation in the Presence of Advanced Threats 

    Moore, William Bradley (Georgetown University, 2016)
    Advancements in computing, though invaluable to the success of the field, have had side-effects: for computers to become both more powerful and easier to operate for the lay user, the complexity of underlying systems has ...
  • Network Level Attacks and Defenses Against Anonymity Networks 

    Tan, Zhi Da Henry (Georgetown University, 2016)
    Online anonymous communication is an important service used by individuals, journalists, government agencies and law enforcement agencies.
  • Identifying Real World Concepts in Social Media 

    Yates, Andrew (Georgetown University, 2016)
    The benefits of mining social media are rapidly increasing with social media's increasing popularity and the increasing amount of social media data available. Mining social media presents new difficulties, however, because ...

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