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  • Essays on Monetary Policy, Housing Market, and Business Finance 

    Yu, Lina (Georgetown University, 2022)
    The dissertation studies the intersection of macroeconomics and finance. The first chapter presents new empirical evidence that in the U.S., employment by younger and smaller firms responds more to monetary policy shocks ...
  • Automation and Labor Markets in Developing Countries 

    Rodrigo Flores, Rodimiro (Georgetown University, 2022)
    In these essays, I analyze the implications of automation for labor markets in developing countries. The first two chapters aim to understand the dynamic consequences for firms and workers of adopting a new technology, ...
  • Essays in Development Economics 

    Kochhar, Nishtha (Georgetown University, 2022)
    In this dissertation, I study three topics in applied microeconomics and development economics. The first chapter, co-authored with Madhulika Khanna, examines how the marriage market responds to the flooding of the river ...
  • Essays in Development, Labor and Gender Economics 

    Sanin, Deniz (Georgetown University, 2022)
    In this dissertation, I investigate the impact of government policies and laws on household decisions with a particular emphasis on women’s employment and domestic violence.
  • Essays on the Political Economy and Economic Impact of Fiscal Policies 

    Valderrama-Gonzalez, Daniel (Georgetown University, 2022)
    Economists get the opportunity and the responsibility of helping to design public policies. This implies that not only the big picture is necessary but also the details that will make those policies to actually work. This ...

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