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  • Essays on Firm Dynamics and Labor Markets 

    Muratori, Umberto (Georgetown University, 2021)
    The two chapters of this dissertation explore two central topics of the current policy debate.
  • Essays in the Economics of Electricity Consumption 

    Brolinson, Becka (Georgetown University, 2021)
    This dissertation explores the economics of electricity consumption in three essays.
  • Essays on Gender in Developing Countries 

    Khanna, Madhulika (Georgetown University, 2021)
    While in the last few decades, we have witnessed a significant reduction in extreme poverty in the developing world, the progress has been slow and uneven for women and girls. The disadvantages experienced by women manifest ...
  • Essays on the Economics of Voting 

    Bagwe, Gaurav R (Georgetown University, 2021)
    This dissertation consists of two chapters on the economics of voting. In the first chapter, Courting Legal Change: Dynamics of Voting on the U.S. Supreme Court, I formulate and structurally estimate a dynamic game-theoretic ...
  • Essays on Mortgage Foreclosure and Risks to Lenders 

    Sun, Yangfan (Georgetown University, 2021)
    Mortgage is a major part of debt for households and one of the core businesses for financial institutions. The disruption of mortgage market during 2007-2008 put both households and financial institutions in distress. ...

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