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  • Essays on Safe Assets and the Macroeconomy 

    Cuevas, Cristian (Georgetown University, 2023)
    The first chapter investigates whether local-currency sovereign bonds in emerging markets work as safe assets, i.e., if they provide non-pecuniary services related to their safety or liquidity. In a sample of 9 EMEs, I ...
  • Essays in Education, Mobility, and Political Economy 

    Concha-Arriagada, Carolina (Georgetown University, 2023)
    In this dissertation, I apply theoretical and empirical analysis to three topics ranging from the economics of education, mobility, and political economy, mainly focusing on agents’ decisions and the effects of those ...
  • Essays on Mortgage Curtailment 

    Xu, Yingqi (Georgetown University, 2023)
    This dissertation examines mortgage curtailment, an important household deleverage channel that has received little attention in the literature. In Chapter One, using Fannie Mae single-family loan performance data, I show ...
  • Essays in Oligopoly Pricing Behavior 

    Mansley, Ryan (Georgetown University, 2023)
    This thesis has three chapters on the pricing behavior of firms in oligopoly. The first studies the use of price promotions in the consumer packaged goods market. The second examines alleged price-fixing in the canned ...
  • Essays on Macroeconomic Asymmetry and Monetary Policy 

    Lee, Dongjae (Georgetown University, 2023)
    The dissertation examines macroeconomic asymmetries and their implications for monetary policy. In the first chapter, we study a non-linear New Keynesian model with an asymmetry in price-adjustment costs (more severe ...

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