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  • Essays in Macroeconomic effects of Labor Market Heterogeneity and Impact of Public Policies on Labor outcomes. 

    Farooq, Ammar (Georgetown University, 2017)
    My dissertation explores the macroeconomic implications of heterogeneity in labor markets and the role of public policy in improving labor market efficiency. First, I aim to shed light on the importance of individual and ...
  • Three Essays on The Formation and Mobility of Human Capital in Developing Countries 

    Liu, Maggie Yuanyuan (Georgetown University, 2017)
    Development and economic growth take place through the more efficient allocation of inputs into more productive uses. Human capital is a key input since it is the main asset of the majority of the population, especially ...

    Zeccchetto, Franco (Georgetown University, 2017)
    In the first chapter, we analyze the removal of the credit-risk guarantees provided by the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) in a model with agents heterogeneous in income and house price risk. We find that wealth ...
  • The Consumer Credit Channel of Monetary Policy 

    Luo, Wenlan (Georgetown University, 2017)
    Using the Consumer Expenditure Survey, I document a new fact that the consumption response to monetary policy shocks is greater for households with higher default risk. I propose a consumer credit channel that accommodative ...
  • Three Essays on Labor Economics 

    Albert, Aaron (Georgetown University, 2016)
    Chapter 1 investigates the labor market implications of single fatherhood. Samples from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics reveal that men experiencing single fatherhood after marital separation experience dramatic decreases ...

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