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  • Agency and Participation in Multilingual Family Interaction 

    Ikizoglu, Didem (Georgetown University, 2021)
    Building on previous work in participation (Goffman 1981, Goodwin and Goodwin 2004, Goodwin 2018, Erickson 2004) and agency (Ahearn 2001, Enfield 2017), I investigate – through interactional sociolinguistic and multimodal ...
  • Linguistic Interpretability and Composition of Abstract Meaning Representations 

    Blodgett, Austin J (Georgetown University, 2021)
    Many Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) tasks require some implicit representation of meaning. Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR; Banarescu et al., 2013) aims to be a scalable way ...
  • Articulating Non-Native Vowel Contrasts 

    Oakley, Madeleine (Georgetown University, 2021)
    The goal of this dissertation is to better understand the targets of vowels in speech production. Three experiments investigate vowel production in non-native speech, probing how new vowel categories, and thus targets, are ...
  • Local International School Students: Identity and Language Learning Investments 

    Lee, Vashti Wai Yu (Georgetown University, 2021)
    International schools often use English as the medium of instruction and include large student populations of expatriate children with parents in globally mobile professions, who decided that the local education would not ...
  • Experiments on Approaches to Named Entity Recognition in IsiZulu 

    Tu, Sichang (Georgetown University, 2021)
    Named Entity Recognition (NER) has always been one significant part of Natural Language Processing technologies. This thesis investigates a range of approaches to address the NER task in isiZulu, a morphologically complex ...

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