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  • Religious Change as Seen Through Buddhist Environmentalism 

    Lin, Nan Kathy (Georgetown University, 2023)
    Is Buddhist environmentalism a coherent and viable conjunction? Some scholars affirm this conjunction as an obvious extrapolation of the Buddhist doctrines of suffering and compassion. Other scholars raise objections on ...
  • Gender and (In)fertility in the Qur'an's Annunciation Type-Scenes 

    Attallah, Halla (Georgetown University, 2023)
    “Gender and (In)fertility in the Qur’an’s Annunciation Type-Scenes” presents an in-depth study of reproduction and infertility in the Qur’an, with close attention to the annunciation stories and Sūrat al-Dhāriyāt (Q 51). ...
  • The Roots of Rootwork: Addressing the Contemporary Concerns of Hoodoo Practitioners 

    Clausnitzer, Danielle Lynn (Georgetown University, 2023)
    Current scholars of Hoodoo recognize the potential for change, the malleability, and the material reliance early Hoodoo practitioners fostered on plantations. When addressing contemporary Hoodoo, however, these same scholars ...
  • Barren, Blind, Berserk: (Un)Assuming Disability and Madness in Judges 13-16 

    Jones, Kirsty (Georgetown University, 2023)
    I build on existing work in biblical studies and disability studies to expose strategies of exegesis which focus on the removal of disability from the text. I term this “curative exegesis,” drawing on the insights of Alison ...
  • Journey to the One: Jazz as an Expression of Islam, 1940-1970 

    Lean, Nathan (Georgetown University, 2023)
    Jazz and Islam have long existed in an intricate relationship, though few in the public are aware of it and scholars have only recently set out to study it. After Christianity, in fact, some suggest that Islam is the most ...

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