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    • John Saeger Bradway Collection (Coll. 32) 

      Bradway, John Saeger (1914)
      The collection includes: The first annual report of the Duke Legal Aid Clinic (1932), along with related documents and drafts and commentary by Robert MacCrate (long-time friend and colleague of Bradway); Duke Legal Aid ...
    • Edgar and Jean Cahn Papers (NEJL 005) 

      Cahn, Edgar S.; Cahn, Jean (1953-1978)
      The collection is arranged into four series: 1: Legal Services, 2: Topical files; 3. General Legal and Research Files, 4. Personal files. Series 1: Legal Services, has two sub-series: Topical, and Legal Services Program, ...
    • James Doherty Papers (Coll. 37) 

      Doherty, James (1956)
      The James Doherty Papers reflect Doherty's career as a legal professional, especially as assistant Public Defender (1956-1972/1986-1997) and as Public Defender (1972 -1986) of Cook County, Illinois. The collection includes ...
    • John Cummiskey Papers (NEJL 001) 

      Cummiskey, John (1957)
      This collection largely comprises John W. Cummiskey’s files related to his activities with the Legal Services Program of the OEO. Materials include correspondence, articles, reports and writings. The bulk of the collection ...
    • Clinton Bamberger Papers (NEJL 33) 

      Bamberger, Clinton (1960-1990s)
      The papers of E. Clinton Bamberger Jr. document Bamberger's career as a legal services administrator, educator, and advocate. The collection, to some extent, also documents the history of legal services in the United ...
    • Earl Johnson Jr. Papers (Coll. 15) 

      Johnson, Earl, 1933- (1964)
      The collection consists of forty-nine interviews conducted by Johnson as part of his research for the book Justice And Reform: The Formative Years of the American Legal Services Program, first published in 1974 by the ...
    • Kent Morrison Papers (NEJL 004) 

      Morrison, Kent (1964)
      The Legal Services Program file contains materials related to Morrison's work during his tenure from 1972 to 1973 as Acting Chief of the Evaluation Division of the Office of Economic Opportunity’s Legal Services Program, ...
    • National Equal Justice Library Photograph Collection (NEJL 065) 

      NEJL (1965)
      The NEJL photograph collection includes photographs from a variety of sources, which have been collected and donated over the years. The NEJL does not hold the copyrights to most of the photographs in the collection, and ...
    • Peter S. Smith Papers (NEJL 068) 

      Smith, Peter S. (1965)
    • Wald, Patricia Papers (Coll. 39) 

      Wald, Patricia (1965)
      This collection contains a draft copy of a report by Patricia Wald that would later be called, "Law and Poverty 1965: A Report to the National Conference on Law and Poverty." In this draft, it is titled, "Legal Problems ...
    • Alfred Corbett Papers (NEJL 043) 

      Corbett, Alfred H. (1965)
      The Alfred Corbett Papers contain three series, the first documenting his work with the Office of Economic Opportunity/Legal Services Program (OEO/LSP), and the second documenting his work for the Legal Services Corporation. ...
    • Simon Rosenthal Collection (NEJL 006) 

      Rosenthal, Simon (1965)
      Simon Rosenthal was the former coordinator of the Oakland Legal Services Program (OEO), Executive Director of the San Mateo Legal Aid Society, chairman of the Legal Services Project Advisory Group, and the Civil Director ...
    • Elizabeth Kinney Papers (Coll. 29) 

      Kinney, Elizabeth (1965)
      The primary focus of the collection is Kinney's work in the areas of housing law and reform and legal services to the elderly. Included are publications, memos, court papers, correspondence and other material related to ...
    • William Brodsky Papers (Coll. 20) 

      Brodsky, William (1965)
      This collection comprises correspondence, news articles, legal papers and other material acquired during and after William Brodsky's involvement with the Onondaga Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc. Onondaga County includes ...
    • Gershon M. "Gary" Ratner Papers (Coll. 51) 

      Ratner, Gershon "Gary" M. (1965-2009)
      The Gershon “Gary” M. Ratner collection is arranged into seven series: Greater Boston Legal Services and Boston Legal Assistance Project records; National Veterans Legal Services Program; Bar associations; Housing and Urban ...
    • Alan Houseman Papers (NEJL 019) 

      Houseman, Alan (1966)
      Alan W. Houseman grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After graduating from high school, he attended Oberlin College in Ohio. While at Oberlin, Houseman was active in civil rights and civil liberties initiatives (he was ...
    • Institute for Research on Poverty (NEJL 075) 

      Institute for Research on Poverty (1966)
      This collection includes a complete set of the IRP's discussion papers from 1967-late 1970s.
    • Henry A. Freedman Papers (Coll. 14) 

      Freedman, Henry A. (1967)
      This collection consists of Legal Services Corporation (LSC) materials covering such matters as litigation with LSC as defendant, back-up centers, and legislation. Other materials relate to Action for Legal Rights and other ...
    • Florence Wagman Roisman Papers (Coll. 52) 

      Roisman, Florence Wagman (1967)
      This collection mostly comprises material related to cases Roisman worked on while an attorney for D.C. Neighborhood Legal Services (NLSP) and the National Housing Law Project. Also included are a few photographs, memos ...