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    • Alan Houseman Papers (NEJL 019) 

      Houseman, Alan (1966)
      Alan W. Houseman grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After graduating from high school, he attended Oberlin College in Ohio. While at Oberlin, Houseman was active in civil rights and civil liberties initiatives (he was ...
    • Alfred Corbett Papers (NEJL 043) 

      Corbett, Alfred H. (1965)
      The Alfred Corbett Papers contain three series, the first documenting his work with the Office of Economic Opportunity/Legal Services Program (OEO/LSP), and the second documenting his work for the Legal Services Corporation. ...
    • Barbara Sard Papers (NEJL 069) 

      Sard, Barbara (1970)
    • Blossom Athey Collection (Coll. 18) 

      Athey, Blossom (1967)
      This collection contains a reprint from Howard Westwood from the Howard Law Journal; correspondence with Navajo leader Peter MacDonald; a pamphlet from the Navajo Reservation's DNA's People Legal Services (DNA is an anagram ...
    • Cait Clarke Papers (Coll. 56) 

      Clarke, Cait (1998)
      Cait Clarke, the Assistant Director at the Office of Defender Services, Administrative Office of the United States Courts and former director of Strategic Initiatives at the NLADA, has been a long-time legal educator and ...
    • California Rural Legal Assistance Collection (Coll. 10) 

      California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation (1971)
      California Rural Legal Assistance was founded in 1965 and is based in San Francisco, California. A product of President Johnson's War on Poverty program, CRLA is a federally-funded legal services organization that deals ...
    • Carol Ruth Silver Papers (Coll. 038) 

      Silver, Carol Ruth (1967)
      Carol Ruth Silver attended the University of Chicago, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in 1960 and her JD in 1964. She was one of only five women in her law school class. In 1961, she joined the Freedom Riders, and ...
    • Carolyn Waller Collection (NEJL 063) 

      Waller, Carolyn (1980)
      Waller’s papers include documentation of the organization and the work of the WHO, including a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, Board meeting minutes from 1990-1995, background reports on Haiti issued by the WHO, ...
    • Center for a New Democracy Collection (NEJL 64) 

      Center for a New Democracy (1991)
      The Center for a New Democracy (CND), a project of the Tides Foundation, was established in 1991 to promote democratic reform through research, public education, litigation, and community organizing and training. A ...
    • Clinton Bamberger Papers (NEJL 33) 

      Bamberger, Clinton (1960-1990s)
      The papers of E. Clinton Bamberger Jr. document Bamberger's career as a legal services administrator, educator, and advocate. The collection, to some extent, also documents the history of legal services in the United ...
    • Clinton Cross Papers (Coll. 42) 

      Cross, Clinton (1969)
      The papers of Clinton Cross document the creation and growth of the national Legal Services Corporation (LSC) as well as of legal services in Texas. The documents reflect the support of and opposition to the Legal Services ...
    • Council of Europe Collection (Coll. 47) 

      Council of Europe (1976)
      This collection comprises reports on legal services in Sweden, Germany, and the United Kingdom; responses to questionnaires on legal aid and advice; and Resolution 78 (8).
    • Earl Johnson Jr. Papers (Coll. 15) 

      Johnson, Earl, 1933- (1964)
      The collection consists of forty-nine interviews conducted by Johnson as part of his research for the book Justice And Reform: The Formative Years of the American Legal Services Program, first published in 1974 by the ...
    • Edgar and Jean Cahn Papers (NEJL 005) 

      Cahn, Edgar S.; Cahn, Jean (1953-1978)
      The collection is arranged into four series: 1: Legal Services, 2: Topical files; 3. General Legal and Research Files, 4. Personal files. Series 1: Legal Services, has two sub-series: Topical, and Legal Services Program, ...
    • Elizabeth Kinney Papers (Coll. 29) 

      Kinney, Elizabeth (1965)
      The primary focus of the collection is Kinney's work in the areas of housing law and reform and legal services to the elderly. Included are publications, memos, court papers, correspondence and other material related to ...
    • F. William McCalpin Papers (Coll. 11) 

      McCalpin, William (1971)
      This collection includes material related to McCalpin's work with LSC, SCLAID, Missouri Legal Aid Society and other legal aid efforts. Also included is material related to his work with international legal aid.
    • Florence Wagman Roisman Papers (Coll. 52) 

      Roisman, Florence Wagman (1967)
      This collection mostly comprises material related to cases Roisman worked on while an attorney for D.C. Neighborhood Legal Services (NLSP) and the National Housing Law Project. Also included are a few photographs, memos ...
    • Gail Kinney Collection (NEJL 066) 

      Kinney, Gail (1984)
    • Gershon M. "Gary" Ratner Papers (Coll. 51) 

      Ratner, Gershon "Gary" M. (1965-2009)
      The Gershon “Gary” M. Ratner collection is arranged into seven series: Greater Boston Legal Services and Boston Legal Assistance Project records; National Veterans Legal Services Program; Bar associations; Housing and Urban ...
    • Gideon's Trumpet Collection (Coll. 46) 

      Rintels, David (1980)
      This collection includes a copy of the script, signed by screenwriter David Rintels, and stills of actors Henry Fonda, John Houseman and Jose Ferrer portraying characters in the film. It was originally shown on CBS as part ...