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    • Carl A.S. Coan, Sr. Collection 

      Coan, Carl A.S. Sr. (1954)
      The Carl A. S. Coan Collection in Housing and Urban Affairs contains the personal papers, manuscripts, and materials related to Mr. Coan's work as staff director for the Democratic members of the Senate Subcommitte on ...
    • Children In Advertising Collection (Coll. 5) 

      Georgetown University. Law Center (1969)
      From 1976 to 1978 the Georgetown Law Center held the Children and Advertising Seminar to discuss the effects of advertising on children. This collection contains varied sources discussing television broadcasting and ...
    • Collection of 13th and 14th Century English Land Grants (Coll. 9) 

      Unknown author (1280)
      These documents provide tangible evidence of the feudal system of property law prevalent in medieval and early modern Britain and Europe. They date from the end of the reign of Edward I, who was revered by later generations ...
    • Dean David J. Mccarthy, Jr. Papers (Coll. 4) 

      McCarthy, David J. (1961)
      This collection includes the class notes of David J. McCarthy, while he attended Georgetown University Law Center and his own teaching materials from when he taught at Georgetown University Law Center. The collection also ...
    • Edward J. Murphy, Jr. JAGC Papers (Coll. 17) 

      Murphy, Edward J. (1947)
      This collection contains United States Army Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG) court filings, memorandum, and other documents, from 1947-1951, regarding World War II war crimes trials and subsequent law suits challenging ...
    • Francis Cabell Brown Collection of Justice of the Peace Documents (Coll. 7) 

      Unknown author (1754)
      This is a collection of documents and bound manuscripts collected by Francis Cabell Brown. The documents are Justice of the Peace records from Queens County, New York and Windham County, Litchfield County and New London ...
    • Francis M. Shea Collection (Coll. 10) 

      Shea, Francis M., (Francis Michael), 1905-1989 (1955)
      Correspondence, meeting minutes, essays and reports, conference materials, federal legislation, grant applications, reference materials, personal information, newspaper clippings, relating to the Judicial Conference Committee ...
    • General Charles L. Decker Collection (Coll. 19) 

      Decker, Charles (1961)
      This collection contains documentation of the involvement of General Charles L. Decker with the National Defender Project. The collection includes original documentation regarding grant inquiries, proposals, reports, ...
    • George Finch Collection (Coll. 14) 

      Finch, George (1907)
      Contains the career papers of George Finch and some material from James Brown Scott, including manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, teaching materials, newspaper clippings and publications.
    • George W. Peterson Papers (Coll. 2) 

      Peterson, George W. (1939)
      Class notes, class questions, lectures and cases, case notes, relating to the education of George W. Peterson, Georgetown University Law Center class of 1942. The notes are handwritten and detailed. This collection is a ...
    • George Yamaoka Collection Finding Aid (Coll. 12) 

      Yamaoka, George (1945)
      The George Yamaoka Collection includes Proceeding Transcripts, Defense documents, indexes, Proceedings in Chambers transcripts, correspondence, exhibits and rejected exhibits from the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal produced and ...
    • Indian Claims Commission Collection (Coll. 16) 

      United States. Indian Claims Commission (1848)
      This collection contains the Indian Claims Commission (ICC) decisions as well as exhibit materials, such as land, water and mineral appraisals.
    • Jesse Corcoran Adkins Papers (Coll. 6) 

      Adkins, Jesse Corcoran (1913)
      Correspondence, newspaper and journal articles, opinions of Jesse C. Adkins, who served as Assistant Attorney General of the U.S. and as judge on the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia during his 40-year judicial ...
    • John G. Brannon Papers (Coll. 13) 

      Brannon, John G. (1928)
      This collection contains mostly correspondence from John G. Brannon to his brother Bernard Brannon, during his time in Toyko, Japan from 1945-1949. John G. Brannon’s correspondence gives a candid portrayal of Truman ...
    • Judge Oliver Gasch Papers 

      Gasch, Oliver, 1906-1999 (1953)
      The papers of Oliver Gasch span the years 1953-2000, with the bulk concentrated on his judicial career on the United States District Court for the District of Columbia from 1965-1999. The papers consist of five series: ...
    • Legal Mexican Manuscript Collection (Coll. 11) 

      Atlalpopocate, Don Juan Cortes; Munoz, Don Benito; Tecuamacpaltentli, Don Geronimo (1568)
      These five letters from Spanish colonial Mexico date from 1568 to 1597 and center around Don Gerónimo Tequamacpaltentli. The letters’ authors include Don Gerónimo Tequamacpaltentli, Don Benito Muñoz, Don Juan Cortés ...
    • Martin Atlas Papers (Coll. 23) 

      Atlas, Martin (1929)
      The collection contains personal memoranda of Martin Atlas, Federal Tax legislation proposals, and Tax studies. Many of the materials are originals, photocopies and government reports.
    • McLaughlin Brothers Papers (Coll. 1) 

      McLaughlin, William L.; McLaughlin, Daniel J. (1879)
      This collection contains letters, post cards, invitations, and other correspondence from 1879-1886, of two brothers attending Georgetown, William L. McLaughlin, a Georgetown College and law school graduate, and Daniel ...
    • Russell Mueller ERISA Papers 

      Mueller, Russell (1968)
      The Russell Mueller ERISA Papers spans the years 1968-1975 roughly, with the bulk concentrated on 1972-1975. The papers consist of two series: ERISA Documents, 1972-1975; and ERISA Development Conference Documents. The ...
    • Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities Collection (Coll. 3) 

      Cohn, Sherman L. (1957)
      The bulk of this collection is composed of U.S. District Court actions, Court of Appeals actions, Grand Jury Subpoena by the Special Prosecutor, and Appellate Actions (including briefs, petitions, orders, memoranda, appeals, ...