Georgetown University’s peer-reviewed Journal of Communication, Culture & Technology (CCT).

The gnovis Journal is a peer-reviewed journal run by graduate students in the Communication, Culture, and Technology program at Georgetown University, which employs a double-blind review process. Peer-reviewers are selected from those CCT students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and forward-thinking scholarly work in their own studies, are able to recognize and discriminate exceptional scholarship produced by their peers, and show a commitment to furthering the values of CCT-minded scholarship in both academic and professional endeavors.

Beginning with the 2007-2008 academic year, the journal is published bi-annually, during the Fall and Spring semesters, with special editions in the Summer. Prior issues of the gnovis Journal were published on a rolling basis.


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Most Recent Submissions

  • “What Makes for a Grievable Life?” The “Question of the Human” in Contemporary American War Films 

    Foster, Grace Aldridge (Georgetown University. Communication, Culture & Technology Graduate Program, 2016)
    Drawing on Judith Butler’s work in Precarious Life (2004) and Frames of War (2009), this paper discusses the way that contemporary American war films, such as Hurt Locker (2008), Zero Dark Thirty (2012), and American ...
  • The Internet as a Hegemonic Locus of Power: On the Case of Facebook 

    Neudert, Lisa-Maria (Georgetown University. Communication, Culture & Technology Graduate Program, 2016)
    Today’s hegemonic combatants for power are nation states just as much as blue chip companies, religious leaders, Hollywood directors, and athletes, striving to execute control over their respectable loci of power and ...
  • Why Can’t We Have A Captain China? Superhero Films and Their Chinese Audiences 

    Gu, Jingyi (Georgetown University. Communication, Culture & Technology Graduate Program, 2016)
    Superhero films are a growing genre developed by Hollywood that has achieved global popularity. Among all currently released superhero films at the time of this paper being written, Captain America: The First Avenger ...
  • Why Do Chinese Young People Call Themselves "Losers"? Diaosi: A Counter-Hegemony Identity 

    Huang, Xinyu (Georgetown University. Communication, Culture & Technology Graduate Program, 2016)
    In recent years, Chinese young people tend to use a popular Internet word diaosi to mock themselves as “underprivileged losers” who fail in their careers and romantic relationships. This paper tries to examine this ...
  • Subversion and Reification of Cultural Identity in Global Fandoms 

    Noh, Susan (Georgetown University. Communication, Culture & Technology Graduate Program, 2016)
    As nations continue to open up to the global market and invite the commercialization and appropriation of native texts, a renegotiation process regarding the power dynamics of cultural influence for both native producers ...

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