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dc.descriptionProfessor Moran responds to questions about Week 2 of Globalization's Winners and Losers.en
dc.descriptionLearning Objective: Differentiate between absolute advantage and comparative advantage in the contemporary era.en
dc.descriptionLearning Objective: Determine what traditional theories of comparative advantage and newer theories of trade-and-investment tell us about whether globalization is a zero-sum phenomenon between developing and developed countries.en
dc.descriptionLearning Objective: Articulate the elements of classic and modern trade theories, including comparative advantage, absolute advantage, opportunity cost, and intra-industry trade with product differentiation.en
dc.descriptionLearning Objective: Explain how developing countries participate in ever more sophisticated supply chains into developed country markets and how developing countries create backward linkages from foreign investors to local firms, with more value-added at home.en
dc.descriptionLearning Objective: Describe the creation of supply chains and the globalization of manufacturing and assembly through foreign direct investment.en
dc.descriptionLearning Objective: Explain the impact of supply chains and the globalization of manufacturing and assembly through foreign direct investment has on developed and developing countries.en
dc.descriptionLearning Objective: Understand supply chains and the globalization of manufacturing and assembly.en
dc.descriptionLearning Objective: Describe the role of Investment Promotion Agencies.en
dc.description.abstractGlobalization's Winners and Losers: Challenges for Developed and Developing Countries - GeorgetownX - INFX523-01en
dc.format.extent1920 x 1080en
dc.publisherGeorgetown Universityen
dc.relation.isPartOfWEEK 2 - Supply Chains, Trade and Investmenten
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVideo 10 of 10en
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dc.titleProfessor Moran's Office Hoursen
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